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  1. As an actress, I've played a "hooker" in a few films.  Before you get all excited, I am not a hooker; I just play one in some films.  These are not porn films, just stories where a character (or several) is a hooker.  When I was asked to be in Hectic Knife, I was glad because it was a paid acting gig and I worked with nice people.  The most uncomfortable thing I had to do was wear high heels.  The film is getting attention which is encouraging.  Below is a short teaser where I appear twice for a few seconds.  The only hooker-ish thing I'm doing is standing outside and trying to make some a-hole feel like I'm impressed with him.  One doesn't have to be a hooker to have had that experience.

    This Friday, December 22, 2017 (the day after my birthday) at 6pm, I will be part of a happening at Cornelia Street Cafe on Cornelia Street in the Village.  Only $10 which includes a drink.  It is the final episode of a series of shows called, "What Were the '60s Really Like?" produced by Kathryn Adisman.  I'll be sharing a slice of memoir.  Come experience poetry, prose, and songs from that time.  If you want to make it a dinner date, the food is very good.

    Hanukkah is over.  Enjoy Christmas if you celebrate.  Be safe.

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    1. Mindy, your good. What were the sixties really like? I want to hear your story.

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