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  1. Good Stuff in the Midst

    Tuesday, December 12, 2017

    It's been a challenging couple of weeks -- internally and externally.  However, in the midst of it all, good things go on as well.  Thank God.  

    I am newly in the role of being on a professional development committee.  The committee consists of three.  We were all coming from different places.  However, we knew how to share.  Together, we conducted a successful professional development session that teachers enjoyed (not just tolerated for the two hours of pay).  There was something for everyone (that includes reading and writing teachers, math teachers, and ESOL teachers).  Teachers left with smiles and thanking us.  I love when my students leave class that way, and I was happy that teachers left that way as well, feeling nourished in some way(s).  I felt proud of myself and the committee and how we functioned without necessarily being like-minded on every point.  In the end, we all felt pleased.  

    I took my class and myself on a guided tour of the current exhibit at the Lehman College Art Gallery.  It is free and such a treat.  

    The woman who gave the tour was very informed and passionate, so it was great.  The gallery tends to have exhibits that are really exciting.  I know most of my students have never had such an experience, so it's exciting to see their reactions.  And for myself, if it weren't for class trips, there are many places I may have not gotten to yet.  I felt that way as a parent as well.  My son and I went to many places that I may not have gotten to otherwise.  That includes Radio City Music Hall.  My son and I saw Pokemon Live.

    Anyone who might feel enticed by this, I will be part of this wonderful happening.  (Not a comedy show.)  I will read a slice of memoir.  There will be poets, prose writers, songwriters, musical segues, and good vibes all around.  This will take place at the Cornelia Street Cafe on Cornelia Street in the Village on 12/22/2017 at 6pm.  Train to West 4th Street, and you are around the corner from the place.  $10 includes a drink.  Great food if you are having dinner.  It will be the night after my birthday.  

    Produced by Kathryn Adisman; hosted by Ellen Mandel;  poster above by Su Polo.

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      Sounds good Mindy .. good you are still doing things.. see u soon..!

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