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  1. One Less Brick ...

    Tuesday, September 5, 2017

    I can only suppose that my blogging absence has been partly due to trying to write my piece for the “What Were the 60s Really Like?” show.  It was the decade in which I grew up.  I wrote in my head for weeks, then kept running from it.  I was tempted to drop out of the show several times.  Yet I knew if I could get through it, I'd feel good.  At least one brick off my chest. 

    The show was not a comedy show, so I’m often mixed about sharing it here.  Yet this “She So Funny” site is about the female involved in comedy in some way – it isn’t necessarily funny.  We all have a back story, a life that is not necessarily joke-filled.  Somehow, I did mix some humor in.
    We were under a time limit, so many voices could be heard.  

    The part I am in is below.  If you want to go straight to my presentation, start it at 14:50 where I get introduced.

    The summer was sprinkled with many nice moments and days, but until my son and I are okay again, I carry a great weight on my heart daily.

    In spite of much, I managed to cause laughter at Broadway Comedy Club in the Funny Underground Comedy Krew (F.U.C.K.) show and will be back there on Sunday, October 29th for a 7:30 show.

    But don't wait that long.  I will be doing stand-up on Saturday, September 23rd during the break in an 8pm music show on City Island -- the Starving Artist Cafe.  Days of Wild with Papa Guyo Guyocious & Friends. 

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    1. fred arcoleo said...

      Beautifully poignant piece of writing, Mindy! It made me laugh and cry at the same time. Really very touching and sensitively written. Thank you for taking me into the mind of your childhood... <3

    2. This is nice, Mindy. Glad you posted your 60s piece and it will be interesting to see what responses you get. Please come if you can to the Remembrance reading this Sunday at Cornelia st. I'm dealing with what feels like chronic. Infection, sweating profusely and taking antibiotic. Maybe it's not in spite of but because of all these problems that we have no choice but to rise above. You'll have to teach me how to start a blog!

    3. Kathryn, much of the time, people write me directly to my email. A friend told me he was glad I pushed through and thought the piece was very powerful. Another friend who I think you know -- Mindy Levekove -- was enjoying the video and was going to watch it again.

    4. RHC said...

      Reading about dick & balls, huh? See you soon!

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