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    Tuesday, September 19, 2017

    Well, my belly has outgrown most of my pants (not that I have many items of clothing).  I am so disappointed.  There was a time that my behind was the most protruding part.  But my belly took over.  I no like.  Not only did I have to spend some bill money on a few clothing items so that I can go to work with clothes on, but I was so hard to fit.  Damn.  This isn’t the look I was ever going for.  I have to do something more about this than I have been doing.  Ugh.  I was wondering if I should just go to the maternity section.

    I have been fortunate to have been invited to participate in a number of things recently.  I was part of #SheReads at N.A.M.A. again this year.  They had come to know me as a comic, but this time I delivered poetry.  Some of it is humorous, so they were laughing anyway.

    This past Friday, I was honored to read at a book launch for Bryan Cornel Fox’s book, The Political Romantic Tales of a Bronx Boy. 

    The author was busy autographing and selling his book.  He also listened attentively to the invited readers.  The person who basically produced the event was Gabriel Don, and she was great at what she does.  She's the one at the mic with her shoes kicked off.

    Listening to Gabriel’s writing, I liked her more and more.  Then she heard me read several poems, and she said I was a woman after her own heart.  There were good vibes all around.

    It took place at Sensei Gallery Bar where I’d never been to before but would definitely go to again.  I gained some new fans.  One woman who actively listened and later, when I went to thank her, told me that what I read was “so on point” works as an assistant district attorney.  Always wonderful to meet folks from all walks. 

    Speaking of mixing it up, I am adding comedy to a wonderful music show on Saturday, September 23rd at 8pm at The Starving Artist Café on City Island.  Papa Guyo Guyocious of Days of Wild is a very talented, caring, community-minded, and fun person.  It’s his show, along with some accompanying musicians, and he enjoys my stand-up enough to ask me to join his party.  I really appreciate it.  

    Those of you who always wanted to stroll along City Island, do it before the cold weather arrives, and conclude it with dinner, music, comedy, and great vibes here:

    No cover charge!  Just eat the wonderful food (at least $10); there are always some yummy things offered for vegetarians as well; you are free to bring your own alcoholic beverage if you wish.  It’s a very homestyle atmosphere. 

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    1. RHC said...

      Congrats on all the well deserved kudos!

    2. Thank you, my huggable friend.

    3. The way you covered the whole event is humorous and enjoyable. I am feeling like that I am there and attending the event in person. The show seems like great,I wish I could attend these poetry session.

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