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  1. "Days of Wild" and then some!

    Tuesday, September 26, 2017

    This past Saturday, I performed my stand-up at Papa Guyo Guyocious’ “Days of Wild” show at the Starving Artist Café on City Island.  It was very uplifting to be part of the evening.  What amazing talent doing all of my favorite Sly and the Family Stone songs.

    Click here for A sample of the evening!

    I did stand-up during the music break.  The audience, for the most part, was with me, and, of course, that felt great.  Plus Papa Guyo is behind me on the stage sitting at his drums.  When he finds something funny, he just laughs and says aloud, “I love Mindy.”  Support right there on the stage.  Not your comedy club comedy show.  Not at all.  No being given “the light.” I generally do not hog the stage.  I like to leave the audience wanting more.  He had told me it was for the musicians’ break, so I planned about ten to twelve minutes.  That seemed to work for everyone.

    I had a friendly heckler who I know from the place, so when he disagreed aloud with something I said, I smiled.  Then I told him he was part of the problem.  Later in my routine, I named him where it was appropriate, and that turned out to be funny.  Later, outside the place, he told me how much he enjoyed it.

    As I was doing my set, I looked at the audience, not all of whom I was previously able to see from my seat, and I saw the face of someone who was once a sort of comedy pal until he revealed himself as an active enemy.  He had made my ex look like at least bronze (not gold, let’s not get crazy).  I had wanted this comedy guy and I to achieve peace as I always figured our paths would cross again and again.  He didn’t want peace.  He wanted/needed to be in battle.  His ex would probably love my comedy.  His and my paths do cross.  It’s, at least, awkward.  He was never able to own his shit and apologize, so it remains not quite neutral.  For me, I feel good to see my own growth in accepting that something is a reality (whether I like it or not) and staying more centered.  It serves me well at jobs and everywhere else in my life where narcissists may lurk.

    When I stepped out for a cigarette, a man from the audience came outside and told me I was very funny and asked if I would clean it up for television and did I want to be on Jimmy Kimmel's show.  He claimed Dennis Leary is his cousin.  Maybe all that is true, but I once saw this guy at the place chasing a possibility to get laid.  The woman he was drooling after had two small children who wanted to go home and not watch this man try to get with mommy.  Plus she had a small dog with her who wouldn't stop barking at him.  They were at an outside table and came in and out of the place.  I found it so disturbing because she looked very depressed, her children were whining, her dog was barking, and this guy went after her seeming only to care about his mission to get laid.  I remember leaning over to my friend and saying, "I wish she'd listen to her dog."  So whether he is Dennis Leary's cousin or not, whether he has pull with the Jimmy Kimmel show or not, my instinct was watch out.  I gave him my card at the end of the evening, and he said he would make a call to somebody.  Every vibe from me said, "I'm penis-free."  I'll let you readers know what happens, if anything.  I won't hold my breath nor will I pay a pussy tax.

    If you want to catch me on stage -- whether for comedy, poetry, or prose – and you prefer to plan in advance, here’s what’s going on so far. 

    ·        Friday, Sept. 29th 8pm, Open Mic Night (for all talents) at Starving Artist Café on City Island.  Free to enter and participate.  $10 minimum on food & beverages.  The food is good.  I will do something, probably comedy.

    ·        Friday, Oct. 13th 6pm, Cornelia Street Café (downstairs), Greenwich Village, NYC.  The 4 Horse Reading Series curated by Bob Quatrone.  $10 includes a drink!  I’ll be reading poetry.

    ·        Sunday, Oct. 29th 7:30pm, F.U.C.K. (Funny Underground Comedy Krew) show at Broadway Comedy Club.  Produced by Aaron Smith.  It’s a fundraiser for a young man whose mom passed.  $10 on line; $15 at the door.  I’m hosting.

    ·        Friday, December 22nd 6pm, Cornelia Street Café (downstairs), Greenwich Village, NYC.  What Were the Sixties Really Like?  $10 includes a drink!  I’ll probably share a short memoir piece.

    ·        Friday, Jan. 12th 8pm, Sir D’s Lounge, 837 Union Street, Brooklyn, NY.  Twisted Lipstick Comedy Show.  $10.  I’m doing a 12-minute comedy set.

    I’ll keep you updated as things get added or change.  Glad to be back on my Tuesday schedule with all you She So Funny readers.  I truly appreciate your interest and time.

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    1. Babette said...

      Great fun, Mindy. You call 'em like you see 'em and make me laugh out loud. Much love and success!

    2. Jack Cooper said...

      My thanks for letting you be yourself goes without -- there! typically I've blabbed it -- saying, Mindy ... I add not having been there, along with not being able to attend what you've been doing, nor witness what you will --for the duration of my ass-backwards exile far from the Main Stleet here in Frrronce -- to my bronze-and-gold - plated list of regrets. (I love Mindy!) I do, though, want to mention that I have a friend whose son is rising rapidly among the cadre of those employed by Jimmy Kimmel out in L.A. -- thought maybe we could work out an "exchange," y'know, like for the whereabouts of that dog? Boy or -- need I say it? that pooch sounds like my kinda beast! I love Mindy!

    3. I'm very happy your gig went so well! And good luck with the Jimmy Kimmel show. I know it could just be hot air (or hot pants,) but wouldn't that be something? See you on Broadway Mindy.

    4. Barbara, Jack, and David, thank you. Jack, it's like you put my blog through the Jack Cooper blender. David, if I had to bet money, I'd bet the Kimmel line was his attempt to get laid. But I do believe he realized he was barking up the wrong tree.

    5. I love that you can own the stage, and be able to discern what people are like as you wish and work towards peace on earth. Keep on rocking, Mindy!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Unknown said...

      Omg Mindy, way to go, would love to come see you on stage some day. Wishing you good of luck and successs.

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