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    About a year ago, I proudly posted on my Facebook wall how long I’d been penis-free.   Much to my surprise, many men sounded upset while I pretty much felt it like an accomplishment.  So I asked my buddy, who is a heterosexual man, why men who live far away in other states and many who are married or committed and not dating would care if I choose to have sex with another or not.  After thinking for a moment, he said that it may not be rational but somewhere deep inside, many feel that someone should be getting it. 

    We laughed and I simultaneously fumed.  But it validated what I felt most of my life.  It has felt like I’m expected to pay an extra tax to live on the Earth because I have a vagina.  For me, having been penis-free for quite an impressive chunk of time is empowering.

    I come home and lock my door. Grateful to have some peace even if not yet enough. I’m grateful to have a place to live even if it still needs a lot more work.  I did clean my toilet today.  I finally have a seat for company.


    Big changes ahead at one of my jobs.  Can’t say I’m not concerned.  I need both paychecks.  Neither is extra.  I work hard to be this low-income.


    I applied for a couple of auditions for paid acting roles.  I don’t do that consistently enough.  So it felt good to let casting people know I exist.  There were several I couldn’t apply to because of my jobs.  Oy.

    I applied to participate in a paid focus group.  If I get accepted, it means missing the poetry workshop I love attending.  It also means a hundred bucks.  I need it.


    If someone is against planned parenthood, is s/he for unintentional, unplanned parenthood?  Doesn’t sound like someone who understands what’s involved in raising a child/building a person or maybe s/he simply doesn’t care.  It is a way to trap a woman.  I know a man who impregnated his first and second wives in reaction to his fear that they didn’t plan to stay with him. Maybe he felt it easier than becoming a more desirable partner.  Poor babies, born into unhappy marriages because a pathologically selfish man wanted to buy time with each woman though he was faithful to neither. 

    If you don't stop Monsanto from poisoning us, please don't tell me how pro-life you are.  If you think men should have the final say-so on women's vaginal activity, please don't tell me how much you respect women.  Be proud of who you are or change. 

    When I look at Trump, I see a weak little man who is too frightened to allow another to be heard.  I am so familiar with the type.  I think his pretty wife is getting to know him too.  A friend of mine even suggested that she, like me, may create a penis-free zone of her own.

    Whether it looks like this 

    or like this

                                                  it is the same shit -- not good for anyone.


    Treasure and protect whatever freedoms you do have.  Don't count on anyone else to do so.  It’s International Women’s Day.

    Please, vote like a woman!  Consider candidates that know they have no right to rule our bodies and lives.  Do not dishonor our foremothers who were beaten, hospitalized in mental institutions, jailed, and force-fed, and had the ovaries to endure it so that we can vote.  Fuckin' VOTE!  Thank you.


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    1. I appreciate the support.

    2. Unknown said...

      strong writing and strong important points that need to be heard. You have my

    3. Oh Jane, you really make me feel good inside. When I had that craziness with a comic, she told me that she showed my blogs to a lawyer. She said the blogs were very intense. She said it as if it were illegal to write captivatingly and intensely. I sure am not aiming for mediocre. I think part of this country would like to lock up people with something to say, so I thank God for people like you.

    4. RHC said...

      Stay your course, Mindy!

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