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  1. Sleeping with Trump

    Tuesday, March 1, 2016

    Don’t judge me but several nights ago, I slept with Donald Trump.  I didn’t mean to.  I was watching what the Republicans call a debate. 
    But many wouldn’t have earned a good grade in my son’s middle school debate class where they taught to attack the argument and not the person. 

    At some point, I fell asleep. 
    The station replayed many portions of the so-called debate all night long.  Each time I awoke, there he was, not allowing others to speak, calling people names that are more true of him, bullying, putting his hand up, giving his permission for another to speak as if he were the moderator, just indulging his incurable narcissism.  He was connecting with other bullies and appealing to bad qualities in ugly ways, putting down an opponent for not being for torture and all kinds of disgusting shit.

    In the morning, I was kicking myself for not changing the channel.  I think in my sleepiness, I thought it would end.  So in some creepy, disgusting way, I slept with Trump.  Here he is describing the size of something.   

    It’s this small but you’ll love it. Women love me. No one respects women more than I do.







    The painting “Sleeping Woman” is by Karoly Ferenczy, (1912)

  2. 11 comments:

    1. Melinda said...

      LOL...actually I think he is puckering up his lips to demo what he does with it.

    2. LOL that's another interpretation. LOL

    3. Unknown said...

      Ain't no shower long enough!

    4. nightmare with trump! LOL!

    5. LOL Thanks for the comments. Many folks have trouble leaving comments here and email me instead. Love it all. Robert, glad to cause laughter. Mary, you have me singing ... Ain't no shower long enough, ain't no soap strong enough ...

    6. Edward Ayres said...

      Does Trump take his hair off when he sleeps?

    7. Canada Anne said...

      Didn't Hitler have a small one too.. So many similarities with Trump.

    8. Too much importance is put on that thing. I never read or heard anything about Hitler's, but it sounds believable and would possibly explain certain things.

    9. Well, like Hitler, Trump has to hold up his stiff arm because when he tries to stiffen something else (his logic, of course,) no one is the least bit impressed.

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