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  1. Yonkers Comedy Festival By Rhonda Hansome

    Thursday, November 5, 2015

    This time last year, my social media news feed overflowed with (fill in the blank) Comedy Festival announcements from colleagues, associates and total strangers.  

    After countless submissions, 
    numerous ($$$$$) registration payments 
    and multiple rejections... 
    I'm in a brand new festival.

     So this month I've been clogging the broadband with notice of the Yonkers Comedy Festival!
                  So what's the problem?

    My beautiful multi-talented long time friend Rashmi, had to admonish me during our way over-due lunch last week. 

    The night before instead of parking 3 blocks from my building in the lot I pay for monthly I parked my car Queenie, in the rare available spot on my street - the easier to get several grocery bags and laundry to my door. The next morning my excitement about driving to meet Rashmi was crushed when I had to clean excrement off Queenie's roof, door and tail. 

    Every time I come to a grudge filled acceptance of my gentrification forced move to the South Bronx, something reminds me why I'd like to leave ASAP. 

                    (Did I mention I'm a highly emotional Cancer zodiac sign?)

    On the verge of tears, I made use of paper towels and Windex in my trunk and drove poor traumatized Queenie to 125th St. 

    I was so upset I knew I needed some real down home comfort food, so we headed to Harlem's historic restaurant.
     Half way through my delicious soul soothing chittlin's - Don't you dare judge me for eating pig's intestines at my own pity party - Rashmi chided me for my skill of putting a beautiful picture in a shitty frame, literally.

    I actually had great stuff going on and good news like: 

    Getting An Agent!!! 

    2 Fabulous Halloween Storytelling Cabaret Gigs!! 
    Getting In The Yonkers Comedy Festival!

    But I had to make Queenie's crappy violation the lead and tone of my conversation with Rashmi.

    I'm so glad she helped me halt my unabashed wallowing in negativity. She shifted my shitty frame out of the way.

    I then had to take a good look and revel in my sweet life, good health and professional achievements; one of which is being in the Yonkers Comedy Festival.

    So come out, come out where ever you are, to Yonkers for yuks!

    Rhonda Hansome is a storyteller, actress, director and stand-up comic and a great big cry-baby. Her calendar is right here.

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    1. Unknown said...

      That's what friends are for! You are amazing, Rhonda, and sometimes a friend can mirror that back to you so easily because they see so clearly how incredible you really are!
      Anytime! And anytime for Sylvia's too!
      See you at the show!

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