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    Tuesday, November 10, 2015

         I woke up Monday morning to a world where starvation occurs, where so many are a fire away from homelessness and others are already there, where babies are not safe even with some parents, where corporations poison our soil and water and want laws making it illegal to let us know what’s in our food, where females are sold into sexual slavery daily, but the news being spoken of is how a coffee shop hates Jesus, according to some Christians, because they didn’t decorate their paper cups with Christmas trees. They made the cups red but no candy canes or any such symbols. It was called a war on Christmas. This is truly insane. I believe even Jesus would find it hard to have patience with such assholery. Maybe he'd be able to still love the asshole but not the assholery.
    There are moments I want to scream (to show them how they act) and insist that there’s been a war on Hanukkah and Eid for so long (even my computer doesn’t recognize Eid and has underlined it in red), therefore, those in power must hate Abraham and Moses and Allah.
    The problem with that is so many would not recognize their own behavior. They would only see what’s wrong with mine. It would be missing the connection, the Golden Rule. If it isn’t right for me to carry on like that, then it isn’t right for anyone to carry on that way. I can’t get over that this makes television news.
    Religious freedom* means you can practice or not practice your religion (or even change your religion), and you are not supposed to be jailed or murdered for that. It does NOT mean you should try to make everyone practice your religion. That is not freedom. That is not the United States of America, land of the free. That is not the aim of the country my grandfather served.
    If I wish you a nice and safe holiday, it doesn’t mean I want you to have an un-merry Christmas or anything at all negative. I don’t think when people tell me “Merry Christmas” that they are killing Hanukkah or Three Kings Day or Eid. I just think they haven’t yet stretched their minds to imagine that not everyone lives as they do.
    From whatever I’ve learned about the man we call Jesus, I really think he’d be so much more concerned with how many aren’t being fed than with the people in the USA buying and drinking overpriced coffee out of cups without Santas on them.








    *Freedom of religion or freedom of belief is a principle that supports the freedom of an individual or community, in public or private, to manifest religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship, and observance; the concept is generally recognized also to include the freedom to change religion or not to follow any religion.[1] The freedom to leave or discontinue membership in a religion or religious group—in religious terms called "apostasy"—is also a fundamental part of religious freedom, covered by Article 18 of United Nations' 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.[2]  Freedom of religion is considered by many people and nations to be a fundamental human right.[3][4] In a country with a state religion, freedom of religion is generally considered to mean that the government permits religious practices of other sects besides the state religion, and does not persecute believers in other faiths.




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    1. Unknown said...

      very glad to read comments like this. Intelligent, relatable and (in my opinion )totally accurate. Keep on keeping on. your words and thoughts are worth reading. Jane

    2. Jane, you know how to make this woman feel good. Thank you.

    3. Unknown said...

      I really enjoy reading your words and thoughts through those words. I have been thinking about all the nonsense about the coffee cup. Maybe it is the only way many people have to cope with what really is going on in the world.. Take drugs, eat too much garbage, focus on unimportant nonsense while you pass the human being lying on the street with a new paper as a blanket.....

    4. You are probably right, Jane. It is infuriating though. That same energy could be put to such better use. Even the overpriced coffee money can be put to such better use. Privilege can blind a person to the suffering of others. Many years ago, there was a great cartoon in some newspaper that showed a big-bellied politician saying "I don't see anyone starving" while all the bony hungry people sat on the streets where his view was blocked by his big belly.

    5. You got it so right Mindy! If I could draw, I'd do a Jesus drinking a Starbucks latte (I'd hope they'd give him a discount) saying "Love the asshole, but condemn the assholery!"

    6. Canada Anne said...

      I like your blog..but a couple of candy canes or snowflakes would have been nice on the red cup.

    7. Canada Anne said...

      i do love the word "assholery!"

    8. a couple of menorahs would be nice on a blue cup, but there's that war on Hanukkah that no one whines about. no menorahs and no candy canes are not wars. women being sold into slavery daily -- well now we are talking something worse than war. these women aren't armed soldiers.

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