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    Tuesday, November 3, 2015






    Last week, I shared the audition experience. What I hadn’t mentioned was that the day after, a person on Facebook requested my FB friendship, we have some mutual people, so I accepted. Then I received this:

    “Salutations! Spirit of Great Depth/Mindy Matijasevic: Incredible, incredible! (I refer to that body of photos on facebook). You live, and, are a Lady who has lived. Great depth of spirit is apparent in your persona. I salute you! I wish you continued good fortune in your works and aspirations!”

    In the midst of worrying about medical things, that message made me smile.

    As of yesterday, I hadn’t heard back from those auditioning people, so I figured I was considered but not called in. Well today, I got an email from them asking me to come in again, but this time I’d be reading for the role of a cop. (See where the Bronx accent takes me?)

    I agreed to be there. That’s a week from tomorrow. It’s nice to feel wanted.

    Later today, I got some encouraging medical test results. Wow. My body had been so tense. What a relief for now. (I still must break up totally with Mr. Cigarettes. Addiction, like any bad relationship, is so enslaving.)

    But with the news of the test results, I can much more look forward to the callback audition and everything else. I am so grateful that I have more time to try to make certain important things better (providing I don’t get hit by a truck, randomly shot, or anything like that).

    I just have to say once again, my readers, that I am so fuckin’ relieved!!! And yes, it is time for HAPPY!





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    1. Canada Anne said...

      Mr. Cigarettes.. tough breakup there..

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