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  1. I was She So Funny - MIA last week. Truth be told, at times, I've been away for months.

    But I woke up feeling good about blogging this morning. That is until I read a FB post disparaging bloggers. Yes, I'm a super sensitive "Moon Child" aka Cancer zodiac sign, not that I believe in that ish!

    Because I wasn't clear exactly what set comic Subhah Agarwal off, I hope she  responds to my FaceBook inquiry so I can solve the mystery and keep my mind right.

    Subhah Agarwal is funny, gorgeous, edgy, young and works a lot. Maybe she can hip me to which social media platform's just not worth the time.

    Or maybe she'll just tell me to stop using words like hip to to sound kool and to stop spelling cool, k-o-o-l, to sound hip.

    I could also use a tutorial on which body parts I should mention multiple times on stage to get maximum shock and/or laugh value.

    Note to all, this is NOT a rant about finally getting off this site and to someplace where I actually get comments which = the father love and attention I never got. *

    BTW, Shout out to my beautiful sister blogger, producer & comic

    Mindy Matijasevic 
    who is frequently the only comment on my posts here!

    As some previous posts have plainly stated, I'm ambivalent about blogging, which I guess by now should be vlogging or a top rated podcast or Meerkat or Poopdeck or whatever platform rolled out this morning while I was writing this post.

    I may be swimming in the social media sea, trying to stay afloat but...

    Today I'm giving myself points for treading water!

    I'm (still) here without a clue.

    Yours in the spirit of laughter, I remain,


    Tell your friends to go see Rhonda Hansome performing HERE. Like, follow, friend, RT & re-post @RhondaHansome and use her hashtag, she needs validation.

    *I know, "Let go of the abandonment issues." Easier said than done!

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    1. I had to laugh at how you went from father love needs to by the way Mindy... It is a logical connection even if it happened unconsciously. lol

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