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  1. I'm OK! By Rhonda Hansome

    Thursday, May 14, 2015

    After a year of feeling damn near powerless, I'm OK!

    Water damage to my home has been repaired. I can now focus on making it more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

    This year I started teaching 11 and 12 year-olds in an after-school arts program. As an experienced Director and Teaching Artist, I'm use to people listening to me, doing as I instruct and showing me respect. My current middle-school students do not. 

    In fact they move about, in and out of the room on impulse. They randomly throw pencils, or juice cups across the room. They laugh in my face when they're not ignoring me entirely. They chatter non-stop or shout at each other, when they're
    not scrolling their phones!

    I have decided to not take myself seriously when in the company of these children. It's a mindfulness practice that should considerably reduce my stress and blood pressure. 
    I'm going to glide the process not ride the result.

    I got a response from my local assemblyman's office regarding the filth on the highway overpass to access my neighborhood park:

    Good Morning,

    Assemblyman Crespo met with the New York State Department of Transportation Commissioner about our concerns on the overpasses in the community. They said they will make some improvements which should help alleviate some of the concerns we had. There will be better lighting on the overpass for people to get across safely. As far as cleanliness this will be an ongoing effort for them to figure out a way to upkeep the passage way. Thank you for providing us with your concerns and should we be of any further assistance please feel free to reach out to our office.


    Matthew D. Shuffler
    Chief of Staff
    Office of Assemblyman Marcos A. Crespo

    I am OK! 

    May 17th I'm singing & slinging jokes at Don't Tell Mama.
    May 21st I'm directing a piece in the New Federal Theater Writers' Showcase.
    Check out my comedy calendar here.

    See you soon enjoying the laughter!

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    1. That corner of your apartment looks lovely. I need to make mine nice enough to have people over. Thanks for sharing your experience with the middle school kids. I was very curious about that. It's an art to not take it personally.

    2. Unknown said...

      You are, indeed, OKAY, my dear! ;-)
      Love that inviting corner of the room!

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