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  1. Refrigerator Tales By Rhonda Hansome

    Thursday, April 2, 2015

    What's in your Fridge?

    Heard a photographer say when doing an in-home portrait, she'd ask to shoot inside her subject's refrigerator.

    Most people, after revealing themselves to her camera, balked at exposing their cold storage contents.

    Some claimed they'd not had time to clean. Others denied her, claiming an embarrassing invasion of privacy.

    This was part of a discussion that covered how having refrigeration has changed our habits, e.g., we shop less frequently, eat fewer fresh foods, eating together as a family less and snacking, an unheard of pre-refrigeration practice, entered our diets with a vengeance.

    Most of the people I know have at least 1 refrigerator, some have 2 and a select few have a free standing freezer; in sizes that range from mini to chill a human body size.

    Until this discussion, I never thought of all the places in the world where people don't have refrigerators OR have them and have so little consistent electricity that the appliances actually cause spoilage and are rendered useless signs of affluence.

    I'll show you mine...

    Show me what's in your fridge. Don't change or rearrange a thing! Take shot & send it to me here, on FaceBook, Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram with hashtag #RefrigeratorTales. Refrigerator Tales can only exist if you submit.*

    And while you are doing what I ask, get your tickets now for 8 PM Thursday April 23rd!

    See you soon enjoying the laughter!

    *All photos submitted to #RefrigeratorTales are subject to use in perpetuity by Rhonda Hansome, with no promise of compensation to those submitting. America, what a country!

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