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  1. Corpse Compost? By Rhonda Hansome

    Thursday, April 16, 2015

    Turn your departed loved ones into mulch!

    Get recycled into eternity!

    Create - Don't cremate!

    Death the gateway to evergreen!

    It's Organic! It's Sustainable! It's Decomposition... naturally!

    I'll admit I have both feet firmly planted in the last century. A decade ago I scoffed at the idea that folks would actually want to watch movies on a, wait for it... PHONE!!! Next year, the latest flicks will be released on your wrist watch!
    How old am I?

    I'm so old, I actually use the word scoff.
    I'm so old, I remember when wearing a wrist watch was for the time, now it's for watching, literally, 24/7!
    I'm so old, I assumed a satin lined casket was in my future, maybe a headstone, or at least an engraved urn of ashes!

    "Not so fast!" says Katrina Spade:

    I'm still cogitating how I feel about this proposed change in the transition process. Heck, I'm still pondering how I feel about using the word cogitating AND calling death a transition!

    What's your take on this?

    Does sustainable death become you?

    Need a laugh after all this talk about death? Make your way to the

    Share & tell your friends I'm part of the festivities!

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    See you soon enjoying the laughter!

  2. 3 comments:

    1. I want to believe the end of this existence as we know it is a transition into the next level of existence.

      Congrats on being part of the festival!

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    3. momedy said...

      no really her name was spade..mulch spade... stop setting me up!

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