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  1. Body Cameras? by Rhonda Hansome

    Thursday, April 9, 2015

    And now for our regularly practiced murder of an unarmed man by an Officer of The PEACE. This week the victim is Walter Scott. The (videotaped) perp is Michael Thomas Slager. It doesn't matter that the place is New Charleston, South Carolina; or that the why was a broken tail light. The body count rises. The shattered families mourn.

    I am past outrage. I am past words.
    I fear for the life of the barber who shot this footage on his way to work.
    Body Cameras - Body Cameras - Body Cameras - Body Cameras - Body Cameras - Body Cameras
    is the unified call!

    Every policeman wearing a body camera will NOT change thing the systemic mentality that allows officers to see a black person and act in this Blue Line Culture "situation normal" mode.

     Sorry, Today There's Nothing Funny To See Here

    Rhonda Hansome promises the funny on Thursday April 23rd 8 PM
     Elements Food & Spirits,White Plains NY

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    1. So chilling. I too am concerned for the safety of the courageous man who decided to send the video to the victim's family. I am so glad he did though. Besides the nation knowing the real story, it is important for the grieving family to see the truth as painful as it is. Lies are more painful.

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