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  1. We Weren't Referred to as Garden Tools

    Tuesday, September 9, 2014


    To be at a comedy open mic and not have my femininity and my spirit assaulted is such a breath of fresh air. 
    I was at an open mic and didn't

    hear how ugly vaginas are or what a bitch we all are for not fucking some asshole or what sluts we are for fucking someone.  I didn't hear about fat women, and I didn't hear fat women hating on thin women. 

    Not once were we referred to as garden tools. 
    I had a good time!  Those participating didn't use the comedy mic as an excuse to spew hatred of more than half the world at us. 
    I didn't feel like I was in a men's locker room or that I infiltrated some woman-hating and homophobic club.  I don't remember anyone finding humor in grinding the homeless further into the ground or anything else that turns my stomach.  I didn't have to work at keeping my chin up.  I think I found an open mic that works for me.  I, so far, have only had very good experiences there in terms of how I felt, how I was treated, and how my set went.  I do believe it is connected. 
    "How come I don't know you?" one woman asked me later.
    "I love hearing intelligent women do comedy," a host said to me. 
    How can I not love such appreciation?  Could it be that I actually found a comedy mic I enjoy attending and not just find more tolerable than many?  I felt courted.  It's been quite some time since I felt courted.  It felt nice.  Good-for-my-heart nice. 

    Unlike those who get theirs and leave, people tend to stay for the whole mic, so everyone has audience.  Afterwards, we mingle.  We actually talk to each other.  It is what I consider being with other humans. 

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    1. Melinda said...

      Awesome Mindy, Glad you experienced the positive. Stay/Stand strong. You DIVA WARRIOR!

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