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  1. Some Call My Ovaries "Balls"

    Tuesday, September 23, 2014

    In the midst of a very busy existence, I am proud to say I was asked to perform some stand-up and speak on some of my experiences in the male-dominated stand-up comedy arena at a screening of a documentary on women in comedy.  It will take place on October 16th. 

    About a decade ago, I was cast along with several other women to perform in a skit.  We found the skit outdated and we rewrote it.  The producers loved what we did.  Unfortunately, the producers had a falling out with each other and the performance never happened.  However, one of the other actresses, Lucy, and I stayed in touch and occasionally saw each other at Bronx events and on the local news channel.  We are also Facebook connected.  She's now working in a creative position for the Parks Department.  Someone connected her with PBS where this is in the works.

    From the battlefield to the comedy club, MAKERS delves into the advances women have made in the last half-century.  One entire episode will be on women in comedy. 

    Lucy was asked to coordinate a screening of the Women in Comedy episode, and she thought of me when she wanted someone live to speak to her audience and do some stand-up.  She also read my blog about finally feeling good at a comedy open mic, and not just finding it tolerable.  She loved it.

    I think what makes me feel so good about this is Lucy thought of me based on who I really am, not based on some insincere idea of "being nice" and not complaining about the disrespect, which is the kind of stuffing it generally expected of female people.  When I first entered this world of stand-up, that was the message I received repeatedly.  Don't upset the guys.  It always reminded me of don't fight back and make the rapist angry.  As Lisa Sliwa (of the Guardian Angels) once said, "They already are.  Look at what they are doing." 
    ​In the same vein, people who use "bitch" as a synonym for "woman" are already upset.  Some female comics (the ones who join the patriarchal mindset and call other women whores, etc.) are afraid of being associated with me for fear we'll scare away the morons with our intelligence.  One woman's fear is another woman's paradise.  More and more I conclude that those who keep their distance, should, so there will be room for those who really should come close to take my hand.  We have the power to change the landscape if we dare acknowledge and embrace that power.  The least I can do on this journey is leave some of my footprints. 


    ​If I'm just stepping in those size 11 men's footprints, no one will even know I was here.

    It's ironic in a way because some of my biggest comedy fans are men.  They admire my ovaries, but they call them "balls."​

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    1. Canada Anne said...

      You already have left a big footprint. Its not the size that matters its if the shoe fits. This was my favorite line in this blog: One woman's fear is another woman's paradise.

    2. Part of your comment sounds like me talking about penises. Hee hee hee. I love when you tell me your favorite line. And thanks for thinking I'm leaving footprints.

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