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  1. Win A Prize! By Rhonda Hansome

    Thursday, November 7, 2013

    “Be careful what you wish for.”  
    That’s what my Mom said, all too frequently to my adolescent ears.  Her sage pearl cast my way.
     I didn’t have a clue.

    Dear Readers, all three of you know the path of hot coals I’ve trod in my return to stand-up.  

    You know that ‘back in the day’ I was in all the hot NYC comedy clubs: the original Improv, Catch A Rising Star, Comedy U, New York Comedy Club, Stand-Up NY and Dangerfield’s. 

    Every night, yes I do mean EVERY NIGHT, I played a variety of (paying!) Long Island or Jersey gigs; when not in Vegas, Atlantic City, the Catskills or touring with major musical acts like Diana Ross, Anita Baker, The Pointer Sisters and Aretha Franklin.  

    That was then.  This is now.

    What’s happening now, you ask?

    What’s happening besides the fact that my landlady is taking over my apartment and I need an affordable* place to live?  Well here’s the short list.  I’m still looking for: 
    A manager, 
    Paying gigs, 
    A reason not to smoke crack with the alcoholic 
    Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford
    Be that as it may… 
    This week I’ve enjoyed the pleasure of some fantastic sets while working out new material at Gotham, Broadway and Greenwich Village comedy clubs.   


    Yes Dear Readers, if I don’t celebrate the small victories, I’d just lay crying with my face pressed to the bathroom floor tiles.  Which brings us up to today’s blog, 

    ‘Being careful what I wish for.’

    I saw an electronic newsletter (is there any other kind?) circulating, which featured humorous recipes submitted by comics. Stand Up & Cook looked sleek, was funny and pissed me off because I had not thought of it as yet another social media way to promote myself and my brand.  Complete disclosure, I have no idea what my brand is and wouldn't recognize it embroidered in red on my chest.

    Anyway, week after week I saw names both familiar and new promoted via 
                                                  Stand Up & Cook 
    and week after week I wondered and silently screamed, “Why not me?” 

    And then I got the email asking me to contribute a recipe so I could be featured in the Stand UP & Cook newsletter.  Cue the angels singing, sun shining through parting clouds and a fleeting moment of gratitude. 

    I did not create the newsletter. I Just submitted My Mother-in-law's Spaghetti. 

    For your entertainment, click the link below for the post.

    Find all the typos and win a prize!

    First reader to reply on this site, this week, with the highest number of typos wins a
    Super Special Secret Surprise 

    Thanks for being here for me, whoever you are.

    *To be eligible for 'affordable' housing requires a yearly income of at least $22,000. 
    I need $10,000 more income to inch close to that figure. Got any leads?  Call me!

    Last week Rhonda Hansome was told she "is a phony, presents a false front to the world, needs to reinvent herself and meet someone who could really help her." Rhonda 
    being extremely impressionable AND having low self-esteem has begun paperwork to change her name to Queen Shadenfreude.  Queen Shadenfreude will only entertain the intentions of a royal head of state, Fortune 500 mogul, or a high level drug kingpin. 

  2. 7 comments:

    1. Unknown said...

      Okay, the typos I found were: "prepating" for "preparing" and "spaghettit" for "spaghetti" under "Where did you get this recipe from?". Did I win? Did I win?

    2. I did laugh at the short list portion of this. I know the too poor for the poor folks' apartments situation.

    3. RHC said...

      Thanks for the replies. Well, there's a Big 1 no one has mentioned yet...

    4. Unknown said...

      Silly me, the FORMER German student! "Shadenfreude" should be,"Schadenfreude". Ding, Ding, Ding!!!

    5. Unknown said...

      Oh, and in the Labels connected to your post, you have, "Shadenfruer". So, again, "Schadenfreude." Lord, Sister "German Teacher" from Bishops would jump out of her habit! Now Ding, Ding, Ding?

    6. RHC said...

      Good Gaynelle! Still a way to go,,,

    7. Unknown said...

      Damn! Okay, ..."I (J)ust submitted (M)y (M)other-in-law's (S)paghetti" - s/b lower case. Rhonda (R)ansome. Ding?

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