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  1. I'll See It Soon By Rhonda Hansome

    Thursday, November 14, 2013

    I've been looking for a place to live since 
    August 1st 
    when I came home from touring with the rock musical
    Date Me Do Me Dump Me
    in which I played The Bar Owner.

    I am so grateful to all who have extended themselves to me during this 3 month odyssey

    during which it felt like I was having my own personal 
    Mercury In Retrograde

    Mercury Retrograde is not a crisis. It is merely an inconvenience, [unless your landlady has decided she wants to take over your apartment ASAP & you have to move & find a place within your budget, and THEN it is an incredible pain in the ass!] albeit one that occurs three (and sometimes four) times a year. Moreover, while its retrograde (Rx) period lasts for about three weeks, its stationary periods often create havoc in our lives, and the “shadow” periods that precede and follow it affect us as well.
    ... Debra Anne Clement  Italics mine!

    This Saturday I expect to see a legal sublet, the monthly cost of which hovers near my budget. The owner has not asked me to fill out forms or even requested my credit score, which is                                                                    801!!!
    By the way, during the past 3 months I've discovered that my 801 credit score plus my annual earned income combined with a                                                   
    will get me a ride on an "A" train running on the "F" line to West 4th St. where it becomes a "6" train stopping at alternate local stations to 59th St. where it will then run express to hell. 

    Today is Thursday. Let's see what Saturday brings.

     Rhonda Hansome is Carey the Casting Director in episode 2 of Black Actress by Andrea Lewis (Degrassi) and produced by Issa Rae (Awkward Black Girl) See it NOW, then tweet about @RhondaHansome

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    1. Unknown said...

      Really liked your barkeep in "DMDMDM". Giving thanks for you, for the perfect abode, honey.

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