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  1. Appreciating you, my readers

    Tuesday, November 26, 2013

    Hello Readers,

    Have I told you lately that I appreciate you?  Well I do.  I have been blogging here weekly since August of 2012 which was sixty-six blog entries ago. 

    I was absolutely elated when Joanne Filan, a comic I admire, asked me to guest blog for her one week.  Then when she read it, she asked me if I cut it because it was finished or because I was trying to stay within the guidelines in terms of word count.  She offered me the following week as well to continue the story, "My Penis-Free Era."  I embraced the opportunity.  There was "My Penis-Free Era Part 2" and then even a part 3. 

    Other projects started happening for Joanne which were going to require much of her time and energy, and I was offered the Tuesday slot in She So Funny.  The offer was such a needed boost.  The idea that some people want to hear what I consider thought-worthy felt great.  At the same time it forced me to see that many who had surrounded me preferred me silenced or at least edited for their comfort.  In so many ways, I'm finally getting my life more suited to me.  Plenty of work ahead, but I'm more there than ever before.  Each day, I am grateful to be given more time to make things better.

    Regarding being a blogger here, my average weekly views have pretty much held up.  So I wondered if we can double it with your help.  If you copy from your browser, paste, and send the link to someone you think will enjoy my style of sharing, they might become a regular reader, and I would certainly consider that a gift.

    On December 22nd at 6pm, I'll be participating in an event called Dance of the Word.  I'll be reading poetry.  There will likely be belly dancing, music, and other poets.  If this sounds good to you, mark your calendars.  12/22/13 at 6pm, Cornelia Street Café on Cornelia Street near West 3rd St. 
    Since I will be having many free evenings in December, I'm going to try to book some comedy shows as well.  It's overdue.  Then I hope some of you will mark your calendars to come out to laugh with me.

    I'll keep you posted on my performing schedule.  Thank you for coming back each week.  Remember to bring someone with you. 
    I'll leave you with this -- of course the marriage didn't last; it was a mixed marriage; the odds were against us; he was male...

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    1. Jack Cooper said...

      One good -- make that GREAT -- gift deserves another and another and another. Long may you whatever it is you, you ... and many happy returns!

    2. Canada Anne said...

      Great to see you are preforming all over. Blogging for a long time now good to hear. Keep blogging and we will keep reading. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

    3. Thanks, CA. I do love that you stay in touch whether in NYC or Canada. Hope you are feeling okay or better than okay. :-)

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