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  1. On the Path Back (I Hope)

    Friday, July 9, 2021


    I have good news!  I’m having a comedy show at The Artist on City Island on Friday, August 6th at 8pm.  It’s been soooooo long.  Save the date, people!  Details to come.

    At the poetry workshop, I presented a poem about another group member.  She felt honored.  The rest of the group thought it was great.  Got a few suggestions to consider.  One woman thought it might be a fun idea for people to write a poem about another member of the group.  Not everyone was ready to be written about.  The reaction was mixed.  I like the idea, but it can get very touchy.  Even giving feedback to each other on the poems presented can get very touchy.


    I’ve heard comics joking about poets, and poets not particularly liking the character of comics.  I have a leg in both worlds.  I need both and love both.  Like a child of divorce, I hope they both can get along.


    My friends and local store clerks have been so wonderful to me.  I needed credit for the last few days, and they were generous and trusting and kind and patient.  I thank God/dess for the angels on Earth very often.


    I bought a $2 scratch off ticket, and it won $5.  Yay.  On a very broke day, that ticket is going to rescue me.  I don’t cash it in right away.  I hang onto tickets like that.  When I have only a jar of pennies, a $5 win is helpful. 

    I hope so much that I can earn money again.  I pray the Delta variant doesn’t F us up for another year.  There are people who really helped me get through this financially awful time.  I’d love to be able to show them my appreciation.


    I still have debts to pay off.  Plus I’d like to be able to help the person who I put on this Earth if there’s need.



    Constant love to CGG-M ❤💕❤

    Mindy Matijasevic




  2. 7 comments:

    1. Bob said...

      I, for one, am glad you have two

    2. Love it like I love you

    3. Robert Gibbons! You've been trying for us to get together and I've been a lump. I'm going to email you suggested dates.

    4. Carolyn Reus said...

      Congratulations, Mindy on getting a gig so soon!

    5. I don’t mind if you or others write poems or do comedy re me, but I’m Leary of writing about any of them. Some folks have thin skin.

      Sorry I’ll be away on Aug. 6. Break a leg.

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