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    Wednesday, July 21, 2021


    Hi folks.  Given that my days normally begin with me being grateful I am still here and then followed by a lot of weight on my heart (too much weighing me down), I was happily surprised to wake up yesterday to a Facebook message from an accomplished poet.  He’s working on an anthology and requested a specific poem of mine.  It happens to be one of my favorites.  What a nice pick-me-up.   😄 


    Then my buddy treated me to breakfast out, and we were able to talk and just be together.  I do my best not smoking when I’m with him.  I think I feel my most secure when I’m with him.  


    I again checked on the status of my tax refund, and it still says they are processing it.  I don’t even itemize, don’t own anything, so I really don’t get why it is taking over two months.  I clicked around and there’s a number to call if twelve weeks go by and still no check.  That’s another month.  The state accepted it and paid me quickly.  So I don’t know why the federal is still not ready.  Grrrrrrr.


    People, while we are glad to see signs of freer living again, the latest is that COVID rates are up in ALL 50 states.  I feel awful about that. It’s the variant spreading, especially among the un-vaccinated.  However, people who have been vaccinated can be infected as well and might survive it better, but damn.  Damn damn damn. 


    In this hot, humid weather, masks are quite uncomfortable, I know. But people …


    On a positive note – people have been asking me how to get to the show on City Island on August 6th.  The #6 train to Pelham Bay Park.  Then the #29 bus going to City Island.  That bus stop is on the cement island you have to cross over to.  It’s a short bus ride.  Get off at Schofield Street.  Less than a minute walk.


    More details:


    Earlier, I did one of those alphabet things that people post on Facebook, and I learned my vagina name is Golden Tunnel.  LOLOLOL




    Love always to CGG-M  ❤💕❤


    Mindy Matijasevic

    July 2021

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    1. Dave Robison said...

      Saw the link on Facebook and had to stop by. Nice to hear you have shows again. Stay safe out there and thanks again for all your kind words and support. One day, we will meet in person and wonder why it never happened sooner.

    2. That would be very nice. May we all stay healthy. Please.

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