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    My friend Mindy Levokove, a woman of many talents, shared her Roof Dance with me.  Like her poetry and her singing, it feels meditative.  Enjoy.



    I heard from a former student on Facebook.  I had wished her a happy birthday and she responded:

    Student:  Thank you ❤️ how are you?  i miss you

    Me:  You know Brian and the new boss tossed me and other loved staff. They like the one you hated. Isn't that something? 

    Student:  Uhhhhh i know they need to get there shit together over there lol



    I heard the orange one on TV saying if he loses, politics will be very boring.  I sure welcome boring if it means sanity.  I don’t need caged children/ruined lives for excitement.  Life provides enough uncertainty and excitement.


    I did my early voting.  I was concerned about many things, but it was so well organized and well-staffed, I was delighted.  I received a pen, a bracelet, and the sticker.  Now I pray we get a president.  I am proud of how New York is handling voting.  I am super proud of New Yorkers for voting.





    White supremacists aside, gay men have declared they are the Proud Boys, so to make things clear:






    Love to CGG-M ❤❤❤

    Mindy Matijasevic   10/30/2020

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    1. Melinda said...

      The video of "dancing on a Bronx roof top" was just beautiful. I too, voted early. I stood online for 4 hours, on the first day, at Madison Square Garden. I'd have stood all day if necessary. The video of the "gay proud boys" brings me worry. The demonic proud boys of the duck in the W.H. have vowed havoc if he looses. The video of the gay proud boys may put all gay people at the top of their list. God help us all🙏

    2. Melinda, yes, God please help us all. I also love the Roof Dance video and the woman dancing. It actually is in the East Village (which has a lot in common with the Bronx). I'm so impressed with your willingness to wait four hours to vote. It shouldn't be that way. I was lucky. I didn't have to wait. I went on a weekday afternoon when working people were at their jobs. Gay men have shown so much courage over the decades. They earned the name Proud Boys. They fought back at the Stonewall Inn. I honestly think we are all in danger from the crazed Nazi types whether gay, straight, dancing or not. I felt proud when gay men claimed the name Proud Boys. The Nazi types don't read my blog. I honestly think we should all quarantine from the trumpers for a while after the election. Yes, God help us all.

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