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  1. Hi all.  You may have noticed this already.  The last few blog entries each 
    have recently received a comment.  Apparently someone wants us all to know he once suffered from having a small penis.  Geez.  I don’t know how to delete the comment.

    It reminds me of a blog I wrote a while back about size.

    Us humans in general worry about the wrong things.  Just be a decent 

    Speaking of decent human beings, a few things have made me feel all hope 
    is not lost. 

    (But if the sadism from the malignant narcissist in the White House with 
    the support of his followers continues, I don’t know if we will recover.) 

    Next time you see me, I’ll probably be a brunette again.  I’m in a 
    production that needs me to have my original color hair.  I welcome the change.

    By the way, I received a job listing that sounded right for what I could 
    use right now.  Two evenings a week.  Perfect.  Teaching math to returning adult basic students.  They want an experienced person who understands the students and is dynamic.  I thought this is the job I can do now and that I qualify for.  It turned out to be for the place I worked for 18 years.  They HAD dynamic math teachers who understood the students.  They got rid of us.  Aside from a couple of lovely math teachers, they kept people students consider bitches.  A number of students complained to the coordinator about the evil ones, and they felt unheard.  The program is disintegrating.  It took years for the previous administrations to build it, and 2 years to destroy it.  Sound familiar?  Like our democracy (that still needed work) and has after 2 years been worn down to a very sad place.

    I was tempted to apply, but I didn’t.  They want someone like me but who 
    will drop their integrity to do shit like throw people out due to absences or latenesses.  Fuck that.  The only reason I ever got a student removed from my class is if they made the atmosphere feel unsafe.  I promised my class a safe space, and I meant it.  I don’t think we should repeat the crap that didn’t help people the first time around.  I don’t criminalize people for lateness, and I don’t want bullies ruling the room.

    I can’t say it didn’t hurt to see that job listing.  One of the other loved 
    (by students and unappreciated by administration) math teachers also received it and contacted me.  I told her, “They had ‘dynamic’ and they didn’t appreciate it.” 

    Of course the students are who lose out.  Of all the former co-workers 
    and friends I told about the job opening, only the former counselor (who can see from the students’ view) told me to apply.  My best buddy told me to apply just for the “shits and giggles.”  I haven’t.  I’m enjoying being appreciated.  The thing with teaching, I normally feel appreciated by the students.  It’s the administration I have trouble with.  When I first began at that place, the administration both appreciated me and seemed to hate me.  That’s a longer story.  They liked my work, just didn’t like me.  I told one of them that my ‘work’ was an extension of me and who I am; it wasn’t a sofa I bought in a store. 


    At least I got some comedy bits out of all that.  But I need to get more 
    comedy, poetry, or prose out of all the shit I went through.  I am writing memoir about my years in adult education. 

    The beauty that no one was able to poison is many former students from 
    several jobs are in contact with me.  I LOVE hearing when someone who had been in my class continued on and earned their diploma.  No matter what I may be going through in my personal hell, it makes me smile. 

    Speaking of smiling, laughing, and all good feelings –

    September 13, 2019 – Comedy show at The Starving Artists 
    Café (now The Artist) 8pm.  $10 to enter.  Jar passed around later for the comics.  This is a show I’m booking and can guarantee a good time.  249 City Island Avenue, City Island (the Bronx), New York.  Line-up:  Lisa Harmon!  Mark Larsen!  Melissa Diaz!  Joanna Briley!  I will host.  Laughter is guaranteed.  The weather should still be pleasant, and everyone should visit City Island especially if they live in NYC.  It’s a lovely experience.  Come early, walk around, and explore.  Then get your butt to The Artist before 8pm and laugh with us! 


              Love to CGG-M 

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    1. Lisa Harmon said...

      Mindy I can't wait for this show. I don't know Mark but I know everyone else on the lineup and they're all pros and hilarious. Thanks for including me on this great lineup.

    2. Thanks for accepting. I agree I have good taste. lol Each of you is hilarious.

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