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  1. From the Dungeon to the Island

    Tuesday, July 16, 2019

    I performed on Randy Epley’s Comedy Dungeon show at Jazz on the Park Hostel.  It’s not necessarily an easy audience, but it is interesting.  People are visiting NYC for different reasons from other parts of the country and the world.  The audience included a young woman from Ireland, another from New Zealand, another from Ohio, and others whose homes I don’t know.  Then there were the comics in the audience.  One comic from Michigan brought his little dog.  The dog wasn’t part of the act; he was in the audience.  I love dogs, so it made me smile.

    Randy has an unusual style, and it does tickle me. 

    The audience may have different levels of English comprehension – and 
    there’s the expressions, slang, and curse words.  It’s not a comedy club.  Though people are welcome to BYOB, most are not drinking.  So it is a different experience.  I enjoyed it.  This time, I couldn’t stay until the very end.  I like to when I can. 

    When I made reference to Trump without mentioning his name, they got 
    it.  They knew who the crotch-grabber I mentioned was.  When I spoke of male/female relationships, they got it no matter where on the globe they were from.  When I said “amoeba,” I wasn’t sure people knew what that was or if the joke just didn’t land.  So it’s a different kind of challenge.  I like the intimacy of the show.  Randy’s style has grown on me.  When I first saw him perform, I think I was just shocked.  Lol.  I am one of those comics who enjoys watching other comics do their thing.  And when I’m tickled, I laugh.  I also learn from watching, especially when a joke doesn’t get the laughs one may have expected.  Those are the hard moments.  Some comics handle it so well and turn it into a funny moment.  That is something I still need to further develop.

    It was good to be back on the comedy stage.  It had been a while. 

    Trying to not smoke cigarettes.  I’m a mess.  Went out at 4am to get a 
    pack.  That’s how well I’m doing with this.  Oy oy oy. 

    Reminder:  Mark your calendars for a special evening on City Island.  
    September 13th, 8pm (get there at 7:45).  End-of-Summer-Comedy Show at The Artist (formerly the Starving Artist Café), 249 City Island Avenue.  $10 admission.  NO minimum.  Jar passed around for the comics.  Line-up:  Mark Larsen, Lisa Harmon, Melissa Diaz, Joanna Briley, and me!

    Much love to CGG-M  

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