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    Tuesday, January 23, 2018

    Every so often, I like to dedicate my blog to giving shout-outs to many 
    other creative people I am fortunate to know.

    I’m in this “cult classic” Hectic Knife which was fun to do.  If this type of film appeals to you, here it is:

    A writing friend hustles to survive like I do, so if you or someone you know can use her services (I hear she’s good at what she does), please contact her and tell her Mindy sent you.  No, I don’t get a commission, but would just like her to know if you heard of her from me.  She does offices, homes, computer clutter, etc.

    Susan Weiman
    hands-on organizing 
    for efficiency and productivity

    In recent years, I’ve been very happy working with Richard Hart for 
    photos.  He’s never made me feel uncomfortable.  Sometimes, we’ve met in a park in Manhattan, and the last time was in his studio in Queens.  Many of you have liked my pics, so I’d like to share his info.  And again, I’d appreciate if you let him know you heard of him from me.  Again, no commission, just a show of my gratitude.  His email:

    Some of the pics he’s taken of me (some are touched up, some not):




    Not his fault that I gained weight.  LOL

    My friend Ken Machlin has two fun books out.  He’s actually the son of a 
    woman I worked with, Sue Machlin, who was one of the angels in my life.  Ken’s books:


    Lauren Mayer, an on-line friend, puts out a song a week satirizing our 
    insane political situation.  On youtube, she is Psycho SuperMom 

    A good man named Ted has a bicycle shop where repairs are made, parts 
    replaced, aside from new bikes that are sold.

    Jodi Maestas Carothers and her husband Josh Carothers wrote a 
    children’s book which is for adults as well, “You the Magician.”

    The Divorced Divas of Comedy are available for parties, especially divorce 
    parties!  Can be 2, 3, or 4 Divas, customized to your budget.

    or simply contact me:

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    2. THIS is something I really love - artists supporting artists. I try to do so on my own social media, as often as possible. Boosting a friend, or respected colleague, is an important thing for humanity. LOVE this blog, and love you Mindy.

    3. A BIG hug to you, Liz! Thanks. You will be in the next one I do like this. Promise.

    4. I feel that beautiful hug, and that is all the love I need. No promises needed. Signed, Your Biggest Fan

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