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  1. Impact by Rhonda Hansome

    Friday, October 20, 2017

     It was a dark fall night on Rt. 715 in Reeders PA. 

    I figured I'd missed the volunteer firehouse where I was hired to perform at a fundraiser.
    I pulled into a yard to maneuver.
    While poised in the driveway to make a left turn I was hit and projected parallel to the lawn.

    Yes, pretty scary and I was really shaken up.

    No one saw the impact, but everyone who heard it appeared and sprang into concerned action.

    Though roughed up and shaking, thank goodness, I walked away.

    Oddly enough, I performed at the firehouse fundraiser and KILLED!

    What's so funny?

    Could it be that because I'd been blocked in by a Taco Truck, at my parking lot and unable to drive to my late night spot at Broadway Comedy Club...
    I didn't have to pay $200.00 parking this month?
    Sad, true and funny in a WTF kind of way.

    But what continues to make me smile, shake my head and chuckle?
    My involuntary reaction to the state trooper who asked for my license, insurance and registration.
    Arousal. That's right. Arousal. 

    One minute I thought I'd breathed my last breath.
    Then a young state trooper looked at me.

    Flesh shouts what mouth won't speak
    Perfume rushing in a dry river bed
    Antique glistening unseen
    In moonlight
    To body betrayed

    I rode in a fire truck for the 1st time that night, grateful to be alive.

    Rhonda Hansome is a actress, director, comedian and story teller.

    Rhonda can be heard every Monday 2-5 PM on John Fugelsan's
    Tell Me Everything on Sirius XM ch 121.

    Hear her true life story and celebrate reproductive rights Nov. 6th:

    She performs with The Tribeca Performing Arts Center Writers In Performance Lab Dec. 1 and 2 at Tribeca PAC.

    Follow Rhonda on facebook, Twitter, IG and in your dreams.

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    1. wow, Rhonda. Glad you are here and blogging and performing and breathing. I do hope you get checked out anyway to be sure you are okay.

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