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  1. 3rd of the Good Karma Series & Other Stuff

    Tuesday, October 18, 2016

    So this is a bit late – I guess I took an unannounced, unplanned vacation from blogging.  I left you after two parts of a sort of good karma series.  The last slice is this.  I planned to cut off my long hair and return to a simpler life of short hair.  I figured I’m not going to grow it long again.  (If I move up the financial mountain significantly and can afford others to deal with my hair, I’d consider it.)  So this was my chance to donate my hair to a place that makes wigs for cancer patients who can’t afford wigs.  There are many places, and they have different requirements.  I sent my braid to the Angel Hair Foundation in Oregon. 

    And now I look like this…        

    Before going to get my hair cut, I played a game of Quick Draw and for hitting none of the numbers, I won five dollars. 

    The homeless man in the park, the pigeon on the train, my hair off to Oregon -- all followed by some monetary luck – seemed so connected to me. 

    But in general, I am financially f’d.  As I mentioned a couple of blogs back, my second job closed down.  The program doesn’t exist anymore.  And getting from paycheck to paycheck and not getting evicted or services turned off has been very hard.  By the time payday comes, I owe so much of my check to others who helped me get through.  Even carfare to go to free things is an issue.  Luckily I walk to my day job.  And since I work on a college campus, there’s sometimes free food to be had.

    So I once again ask my readers to keep me in mind and spread the word regarding:

    ·        Proofreading – I’ve worked on and off over the years as a proofreader for law firms, financial institutions, advertising agencies, and my favorite: individual creative writers.  I’m willing to pick up and deliver the work.

    ·        Artist’s model – clothed and nude for fine artists (those who paint, draw, sculpt). Photographers on a case by case basis. I’m not a Twiggy, and I’d be considered “mature.”

    ·        Paid comedy gigs

    ·        Paid acting roles

    ·        Paid poetry featured readings

    ·        Depending on location, I can attend to people’s cats while they are away. (I do well with cats and dogs.)

    On an exciting note, a while back I shared that I did a set for a taping of Comics Watching Comics.  I will be in episode 3.  I have no idea what the comics watching said or how they reacted to my stuff, but I know when I did it, the audience and I had a blast.  Episode 3 will be appearing in parts starting later this week.  I don’t know what part I’ll be in.  I’m excited.  I’m being very brave to share this when I don’t know what they said about my stand-up.  That’s a benefit of getting older – the oh fuck it attitude.  I’m looking forward to this adventure.

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    1. Thank you Rhonda, Lisa, and Joe. Lisa, who knows what they said about me and my performance, so I'm giggly in a nervous sort of way. I am excited to see it. Rhonda, it's always a good reminder. And Joe, that's a great thing to say to a woman. LOL Thank you.

    2. Mindy, never give up! You have a lot of talents, and if your friends are listening to you, work will come your way. Get the word out!!

    3. If I hear of anything, you'll know.

      You're doing a reverse Samson : haircut makes you stronger. Looks great too.

    4. If I hear of anything, you'll know.

      You're doing a reverse Samson : haircut makes you stronger. Looks great too.

    5. Thank you, Susan and David. :-)

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