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  1. At the "Nightly Show"

    Tuesday, July 26, 2016

     My long-time friend Judy and I went to the Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore.

                              I love being with her.  We know each other over more than three decades.  Before the actual taping, one of the people who work with audience offered to take pictures on our cell phones of us on the set.  I have a flip phone, but I got it ready for picture taking.  I thought I’d get mine, and Judy would get hers on her more sophisticated phone.  As I stood in position, Judy gave the woman her phone and joined me on the set.  I had to laugh because we can easily look like a “couple.”

                              I leaned over and told Judy, “No one is ever going to believe I’m straight.”
                             “What else is new?” Judy responded.  I had to laugh.

                        That is so true.  No matter what the reality is, people see what they see, and to many, we are a couple.  We are actually a couple of friends who have been on and off in terms of making time for each other over the years, but when we are together, we have typically shared our deep concerns, happinesses, and unhappinesses. Our time together has not been consistent, but it is meaningful and most often very fun and love-filled.

                        The show was good.  Wilmore is naturally funny.  The tickets are free.  If anyone in the NYC area wants to go, you, too, can request tickets here:

                        Toward the end of the show, a hip hop group performed an anti-Trump song (cleaned up somewhat).  At one point, my body jerked back.  Judy turned to me to see what was the matter. 

                        "I thought his dick hit the floor ‘cuz he let go.”

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    1. RHC said...

      I love the way you look in the photos, beautiful & happy.

    2. RHC said...

      I love the way you look in the photos, beautiful & happy.

    3. thank you very much, Rhonda.

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