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  1. Found on a Napkin

    Tuesday, February 9, 2016

    Last Friday night, my long-time friend Judy texted me about how she was looking forward to going to the party with me the next night. I thought it was good I made a commitment with a friend.  I was so tired from the week (and some health things) that if I only had the plans with myself, I might have not gone.  It was a birthday celebration for two folks I know from the NYC writing circles.
    I remember when it was hard to stay home and miss all the fun.  Now it’s quite easy to stay home.  So I'm glad I went out.


    I also got to see many writer friends. Additionally, we met two very nice people who we sat with much of the time.  Mary and Matt.  Mary insisted I keep her mirror as a memento of the night.  In general it was an atmosphere of good people.  Life-building as opposed to life-destroying.  I inhaled deeply.

    The next day, I found a napkin in my pocket with my handwriting on it.  I assume, due to the loud music, I had written a note to Mary.  It said,

    “Judy insists on buying me my expensive drink. Why did I ever date men?”


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    1. Melinda said...

      Steppin Out and Havin Fun...soooo worth it! Loved the note...LOL!

    2. Canada Anne said...

      I love this pic of you. ..If Judy insists lol

    3. Unknown said...

      What a night it was! I have lived a lot of my life by intuition. Thank goodness. I felt an instant connection to you and Judy, your warmth and friendship toward each other and outward to a couple of strangers.

    4. You each feel good to my heart (which is often hurting).

    5. Got to go with the drink flow, and particularly the feeling flow! And I know what you mean - now it's hard to go out, not stay home. But you made the effort to celebrate life, and it's so worth it.

    6. thank you, David. you definitely get it.

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