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  1. "Stay In," said the mayor

    Tuesday, January 26, 2016

    When I was 9, my buddy Igor and I stared out his front facing window cheering on the blizzard, so we could get the day off from school and play in the snow. I remember us both getting so happy when it was announced that the schools would be closed.
    When my son was two and three, our science experiments meant taking snow in from the kitchen window and putting it in a dish. We’d see that it melted into water. He couldn’t pronounce the “sn” so he called it “tow.” It thrilled him so much. He would get so mad at the plows and the supers who shoveled the snow.
    When the snow started falling this January 23rd, I thought how much our dog Luigi would have enjoyed it.

    He couldn’t live forever. He was sent off to Heaven in late March 2015. He sure did love the snow. I sure did love him.

    The threat of this blizzard of 2016 scared away audience from my comedy show last Friday night. The snow wasn’t expected until Saturday morning, but the threat of it made its impact. Still, it was a good time but with a small audience.
    On Saturday, going to the store felt like a workout. I am grateful I didn’t fall. It was nice to be told by those governing to stay home. No guilt for not getting to the Laundromat.
    I watched “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” for the second time. I have a deep appreciation for her new boyfriend who loved her. He loved her enough to leave her alone when she couldn’t see a future with him and didn’t accept his marriage proposal. He told her that a real man would make her life easier and not harder. So he didn’t continue to insist or guilt her, pressure her, or impregnate her; rather he accepted her feelings with love for her and even for her son.
    I stuck two slices of bread in the oven to heat it, but I forgot about the bread and it became too hard. Later I took both slices out and crumbled them up for the birds. I tossed the toast crumbs onto the snow by a tree in front of my house. I hope the birds had a meal.

    A long-time friend of mine used to know a Jewish cocaine dealer. She called him "Rabbi Snow."  

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    1. Canada Anne said...

      Glad you survived the storm!

    2. Snow does have lots of meanings and memories for many of us; that explains them snowglobes,

    3. thank you both for your comments. david, you're funny.

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