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  1. Model Behavior By Rhonda Hansome

    Thursday, August 27, 2015

    It's been years since I regularly watched 
    America's Next Top Model, so I'm late to Chantelle Winnie.

    Winnie Harlow 

    I saw Winnie on my (@rhondafull) Instagram feed & was moved.

    Something beyond beauty & curiosity captivated me & I was catapulted to a much earlier time in my life.

    I never heard I was beautiful, pretty or a good looking child. In family gatherings, I embraced a (perceived or was it self-defined?) position as the smart one; ironically as I envied the "good hair", caramel or brighter skin & light eyes of my relatives.

    There were few self-esteem building opportunities for me, enrolled (starting from kindergarten) in majority white educational institutions; wherein (forget feeling pretty) semester by semester even my "smart one" self-identification eroded to zero.

    Seeing Winnie produced so many reactions in me I had to pause.

    My initial startled response ignited an "aha" (or "duh"?) reminder,

    What a great opportunity to remember and affirm my unique reality and the limitless uncommon beauty that surrounds me daily.  

    I am an actress, director, teaching artist & coach. 
    & get half off the cover.

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    1. wow in terms of self acceptance and mind expansion among other things, I have to share this blog around.

    2. RHC said...

      Thanks again Mindy!

    3. Unknown said...

      Spot on, my dear!...pun not intended, but accepted! ;-)

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