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  1. Filbanserin Fallacy By Rhonda Hansome

    Thursday, August 20, 2015

    I refuse to be bamboozled by Big Pharma marketing. 

    I don't think women in general need 

    The incorrectly labeled "female viagra".

    Many women MAY need, multiple, sources of stress and anxiety reduced in their lives. 

    But, IMHO, for a more satisfying sexual experience
    Women Need Better Lovers!

    Not a pill that may
    1) demonstrate only 0.5 more satisfaction than a placebo

    2) give 1 in 5 women side efects that include:
    extreme low blood pressure

    3) pose a harmful interactions with alcohol and contraceptives

    Rhonda Hansome is an actress, writer, director, coach and stand-up comic. Laugh at her here.

  2. 5 comments:

    1. You said this more concisely than my typical rants about this very issue. The whole idea of treating us like shit and then expecting us to pop a pill to be able to fuck the person who tends to make vaginas close for business -- grrrr. Too much. :-)

    2. Unknown said...

      Nah, probably not...

    3. Unknown said...

      Just another in the long history of feeble attempts by males to stave off the ever increasing appreciation of women for themselves. With self-appreciation comes ever-increasing understanding of our personal power, and that would, understandably, include more confidence in the bedroom.
      I then posit that women don't need to BECOME better lovers, no no, but that THEY are not up to being able to handle US-our poise, our power, our sensual fierceness. Terrified from Day One, of
      the amazing power women hold, as bearers of the the human race and all that entails, has caused our puny brothers to make it priority to attempt to demean us.
      This latest attempt I'd call hilarious...if it wasn't just saaaad!
      Sadder still, some of our sisters will go out and buy this sh*t.
      Okay, I'm done. :-)

    4. RHC said...

      Thank you for connecting with me on this. Just say No To Addyi!

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