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  1. Ugly Is... by Rhonda Hansome

    Thursday, July 9, 2015

    Sometimes I love being an artist.
     I felt the love watching the extraordinary documentary, of a civil rights activist and musical genius, What Happened Miss Simone? 

    I was transported, enthralled, deeply touched and made grateful for my own moments of creativity and contentment.

    Being an artist is not always fun, but as the film clearly shows, it can be a powerful and often rewarding way to live a life touching others through creative expression.

    This week directing rehearsals of the play Ugly Is A Hard Pill I had a delightful experience. When I complimented some of my actors on progress with their roles, without hesitation, each attributed the breakthrough to my direction. 

               I did my happy director dance

    Directing is a collaboration I do with actors, designers and technical operators; all to the words crafted by the playwright,in this case, Andrea Fulton 

    The result of our collective work is in the 2015 Thespis Theater Festival.

    Catch this hilarious tale of gay, straight, bi and down-low friends seeking sex and love while often hiding from themselves. Only 3 performances!
    Thu. 7/16 @ 9 PM
    Sat.  7/18 @ 1 PM
    Sun  7/19 @ 6 PM

    Rhonda Hansome is a director, writer and stand-up comic. #NotYourGrandmasComic #YourCrazyAuntLovesMe 

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    1. great blog. Nina, Passion, Snoopy. Looking forward to seeing the play on opening night!

    2. RHC said...

      Thanks pal. Always great seeing you!

    3. Unknown said...

      Love the blog, honey. See you on Thursday!

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