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  1. For the first time ever, I learned to carve a pumpkin.  My day job had a pumpkin carving workshop for those who wanted to do it.  Being the kid I am and always will be, I definitely wanted to. 

    First, I selected my pumpkin from the ones provided.  Then I was told to make sketches.

    Next was making an opening.

    Then, cleaning it out.

    The woman below in the green tee, Kitty, was our guide.

    Now, for the creative fun.

    Besides a knife, we had some sculpting tools which broadened the possibilities.



    Now I can add pumpkin carving to my resume.



    (Most photos taken by Kitty Crooks.)
    What do a life, a pumpkin, and a niche in the comedy arena have in common?  They each need to be carved out.  Come experience what the Divorced Divas have carved out for you from our comedic take on life. 

    If you haven’t yet bought your tickets for the Divorced Divas Comedy Show, I highly recommend you do so if you plan on attending.  It also occurred to me what a wonderful cheer-up holiday gift it would make for a friend, neighbor, sibling, co-worker…

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    1. Melinda said...

      KEWL, now that resume is truly

    2. Unknown said...

      I love your pumpkin, Mindy!! -Natascha

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