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    In the neighborhood donut shop, I had a chance to speak briefly with a woman I was once close friends with.  I think in a very few sentences, we were basically caught up on the big picture without the details.
         "I like your hairstyle.  It looks glamorous."
         "Even though the beautician ignored my instructions and I didn't like it, when Tommy saw it, he said it was marvelous."
         "Who's Tommy?"
         "Tommy's been around for about thirty years."
         "Well, we haven't really spoken at length in about that long or more.  I've been married and divorced.  My son is twenty-two."
         "Your son is twenty-two.  Wow.  You look good."
         "Now.  Even when I'm not all fixed up, I at least look like I want to live.  In a bad marriage, death doesn't seem so bad.  It would all be over."



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    1. Canada Anne said...

      Love this pic of you!

    2. Melinda said...

      I know the feeling!

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