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  1. Sometimes Life Writes Its Own Comedy

    Tuesday, February 25, 2014

    Text Exchange

    "I hope you had a better Valentine's Day than my 1st after getting married.  I had a new baby, no available parents, and it was the first year the man who made the baby decided his wife wasn't worth a card or gift.  At first I wanted to wish you the same.  But my son will suffer, so I prefer his dad has a will to live.  I know you need one woman at home.  Then you are able to attract others better because you don't seem desperate.  So I hope you feel good with Katy.  It may mean my son has peace.  I'm grateful if he doesn't have to hear his mommy be referred to as a bitch.  I hope you had a very loving Valentine's Day."


    "Thank you for the good wish."

  2. 5 comments:

    1. Mary said...

      A sliver of Mindy is better than no Mindy at all. I wish some peace for you on that old memory. Nothing changes the reality, but I hope there is less sting and less importance on the insensitive action of that person. May idiocy reign on in their life, not yours.

    2. when I read the texts aloud to a friend, the friend cracked up laughing. so I thought that could be a short blog, but I'm not getting the feeling the humor comes across in general. it still feels good to put it out there. i'm just sorry I didn't know how to protect my life better. like a painting, I'm still in progress.

    3. RHC said...

      And yet we endure, sometimes...

    4. Rhonda, ever since my divorce lawyer said not to let anyone toy with my life, I haven't been with anyone.

    5. Mary, it wasn't insensitivity. It was deliberate hatefulness and an omen of the years to come.

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