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  1. Hello Dear Readers
    Yesterday I cut off all my hair.
    I'm still looking for a place to live & a bra that fits properly.

    This Is A Really Short Blog

    I'm not out Shopping While Black for a $38,000 purse or a $15,000 belt at Barney's where I'd be detained or arrested for using my own credit/debit card for some outrageously priced designer merchandise made by a  poorly paid 10 year old child laborer.

    I MC'd in the Vintage Lounge at Gotham Comedy Club (& got paid) last night.  I'm on my way to an early morning call on set right now. Look for me in the background when watching TV or any movie shot in NYC.

    Please  RT #CascadingGlitches @ RhondaHansome

    Come see me at Gotham Comedy Club on Nov. 5th.

    Love you

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    1. congrats on paid work and good luck with the apartment hunt.

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