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  1. "On Equal Terms"

    Wednesday, October 30, 2013

    This Friday, November 1, 2013 will conclude the exhibit, On Equal Terms, honoring our tradeswomen, an installation by multi-media artist Susan Eisenberg.  I was so impacted by the lives, artifacts, stories, and art.  I hope you get there before it goes on its travels throughout the country.  It is free and showing at the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural & Educational Center, 107 Suffolk Street, NYC, 2nd floor.  F train to Delancey or JMZ to Essex.  Walk to Suffolk.  Make a left.  Susan Eisenberg, author of several poetry collections, will give a poetry reading on November 1st at 6:30pm.  Susan was among the first women to achieve the status of union electrician.  Though these women may have gone to school for the skilled trades, they ended up becoming soldiers, some fallen, all heroic, in a very active, unfair, and vicious war.  All for the crime of wanting to make a living that could realistically support a family outside of poverty and do the work they enjoy and in which they are trained, skilled, and talented. 
    If you go, you get to try on a hard hat.
    Another soldier and survivor of the battleground called "work," Melinda Hernandez, who led me on a tour of the exhibit.  Here she is explaining how the women represented in this room died.  Many were from job-related "accidents."  If you hear the stories, you can decide for yourself about these "accidents." 
    On Saturday, November 2, 2013 at 3pm, Evie Ivy, Penelope Maguffin, and I will be the featured poets at the Riverside Branch Library, Amsterdam Ave. near 65 St.  The reading includes an open mic, so feel free to bring something to share.

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    1. Melinda said...

      Muchas Gracias Mi Buena Amiga!
      I truly appreciate your heartfelt support. Some people come to the exhibit & get "some of it". But you my dear friend REALLY GOT THE WHOLE THING! It was a war zone for many of us. Sometimes when I pass by a construction site, I literally have to cross the street. If I dream that I am back on a site, I wake up in a cold sweat, scared. My heart is pounding and I am so relieved to realize IT'S JUST A DREAM.

    2. Canada Anne said...

      Thanks for posting I know it has been a super busy week for you. If I was in NYC I would go see and support the exhibit.

    3. I love both of your comments. Thank you.

    4. RHC said...

      The struggle continues...

    5. ugh. ran out of work to get to Susan Eisenberg's poetry reading, hoping to make it from the Bronx to the LES by 6:30. apparently a track fire at City Hall/Brooklyn Bridge delayed everything. we were discharged at 42nd, I went on the shuttle to Times Square, still didn't know what I could do as I needed the JMorZ train. ugh. by 6:50, I gave up. I'm hope and disappointed, aggravated by the humans underground, and out $5 in carfare.

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