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  1. Wow, I thought I'd never get here!  Thank goodness this blog is on Pacific time... I usually write this days ahead, but last night I had a big show The Rhonda Hansome Comedy Workshop Theater Benefit. I'd booked the talent in April. I'd spent nearly two months just working on social media and PR for the show. What I did not do was write fifteen minutes of new material, which was the reason I wanted to do & tape the show; oh yes and raise funds for the Drama Desk nominated Workshop Theater Company.  What I did not expect to deal with was a bug bite gone wild. 
    Photo above should not be construed as the actual bug that bit me.  It is only a facsimile. 

    Last week a mosquito bit me near my knee.  With every day that passed the bite site itched and swelled.  By yesterday morning walking was difficult because my knee was almost football size. Ah yes, the familiar default swelling shape my oh so sensitive body prefers.  Why yesterday morning did I make an 8:30 visit to the clinic?  No need to discuss my health insurance at this time.  I don't want to depress you.  Suffice it to say my coverage entitles me to life saving health care at any local barber or butcher shop.  I made an early morning trip to the clinic and got a surprise: on Wednesdays my doctor is not on duty - surprise!

    I went home to work and do last minute promoting for the Comedy Benefit that evening.  As my knee continued to swell, I realized I had to make a choice, either go to the emergency room (a little known and never celebrated rung of Dante's Inferno) or go to the show I was  producing and directing and in which I was scheduled to host.
     I chose the show.

    It was a big to do for me because the evening was full of my funny friends from back in the day, or more like back in the decades.  Among this new crop of comedians I've befriended, I don't know any well enough to ask to perform a benefit for free.  So I went with old pals who came through like gang busters for me.  We SOLD OUT the Main Stage of the Workshop Theater Company - including a gaggle of gals from my Catholic high school, St. Virgin In The Bushes*.

    We had wall to wall laughs and a cornucopia of raffle prizes. It was a blast!

    While basking in our post show celebration my knee reminded me I had another early morning clinic visit in my future.  Once there at 9:30 AM, without an appointment, I knew I had to keep my cool and go with the flow.  I could not even register with out talking to the two nurses who told me I should have gone to the hospital emergency room yesterday with my tale of the expanding mosquito bite.  It only took a half hour to find out that even though my doctor was on duty, like a last minute flight to LA, she was overbooked.  I batted my eyelashes and pouted my lips.  Well what I really did was get humble as all get out, put my head down and look mournfully at my football knee.

    An hour later I was allowed to register for a different doctor.  Another half hour and my name was called.  No not to see the doctor, but I did get my vitals taken. Nice, I lost an eighth of a pound.  That bit of good news kept me civil, actually almost giddy, until an hour later when Dr. Paul saw me.  Yes, Dear Readers, it's only the mid point of the year and I've been prescribed antibiotics just about every month so far.  So I'm going to pick up my medication, sign a contract to tour with the musical Date Me, Do Me, Dump Me, come home and elevate my leg.

    Missed the great show last night?  Come see me this weekend.  I'm working with another old pal and a comic I've never met.  Come out to the show so you can guess which is which.

     See you soon enjoying the laughter!  I'll be the one popping antibiotics.

    Rhonda Hansome is a writer, actress, director, who does stand-up. 
    "Rhonda Hansome is one funny Negro."... Rhonda's Mother
    You can like her right here.

    *The real name is actually funnier: Bishop McDonnell Memorial High School for Girls.  Thanks for coming to the show ladies!  I wanted to cry from happiness but I'd finally gotten my make-up on straight & it's almost impossible to fix that stuff once you start blubbering all over your Fashion Fair & Maybelline.

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    1. Oh Lord. Did the swelling go down?

    2. RHC said...

      Thanks for asking Mindy. I hope the swelling does stop soon. now that I'm taking the antibiotics.

    3. She So Funny said...

      I am a bee/mosquito magnet... stepped on 3 bees last summer whilst walking the Nunzio (I was wearing flip flops). Great stuff, Rhonda! ~S

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