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  1. Beyond Disturbing

    Saturday, April 17, 2021

    I learned that a woman working construction in the Bronx (City Island) was murdered by a man who brought her food and wanted to have a ‘relationship’ with her other than friendship. She was 52 years old. He was 66. I guess he never learned to handle rejection or understand that murder is not foreplay. Makes me wonder how many others he killed. She couldn’t have been the first person to tell him no. All this woman did was introduce him to her boyfriend. I admit that this tragedy just made me feel more convinced that it is never safe. The woman was 52! She was wearing her hard hat. It was daytime. But she had the nerve to not be available. She must’ve thought she was a person or something. Punishable by death. The murderer was caught. The woman’s actual boyfriend was nearby and chased him down, and a friend joined in the chase. They held him for the police. All that is good. It would be worse if he got away. But she’s dead. At 52. For believing she has the fuckin’ right to say no.

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    1. Unknown said...

      I didn't know about this. Pretty painful to read and hear about it. This does happen and I try to stay cognizant of people. I wonder if there were signs of 'unstableness' that he may have displayed? I'm relieved he was caught. One down- many more to go. ( from your colleague at Lehman- Amira. And yes, I do read these:)

    2. Amira! I'm glad to hear from you!

    3. Melinda said...

      I worked Construction for almost 20 years. Sadly snd painfully, I was not surprised! The public has NO IDEA what women, trying to earn a living,in Construction go thru! If you care to know...check out this site!
      Get some tissues. Thank you Mindy for caring so much about your Sistas!

    4. Kerstin said...

      Keep writing, Mindy!!!


    6. People don't like pushback. It's crazy how friendship isn't enough.

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