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  1. Just Being Grateful

    Sunday, August 9, 2020


    I went to the store earlier.  On my way back home, there had been a collision on the Grand Concourse.  Both were SUVs, and one had Virginia plates.  It was where I’d have been crossing the street.  These are the moments I feel God/dess is cloaking me.  👼


    I had looked for my feline friend, Mustache, who lives in the discount store, twice today.  Didn’t see her.  When she does see me, she seems to be exclaiming, “Where you been?”  I tell her I’ve been by looking for her, but she doesn’t understand all that.  😻


    Later, I went to a store that only allows one customer at a time.  The man in front of me tied his dog to a pole outside.  The dog seemed so cool with everything.  When the human went inside, I said hello to the dog.  S/he wagged and came right over.  I petted her/him.  S/he was so loving.  When the dog’s human returned, I said, “I hope you don’t mind.”  He said, “It’s fine.” 


    Getting some dog love on 198th Street was so wonderful.  Dogs might just be the best people on Earth. 


    In decluttering news:  Just threw out a written phone message (remember when people wrote down who called, when, and what about?) from 2002.  I think at some point I felt my life stopped when I felt very stuck in a situation I needed out of.  Now decluttering is truly an adventure back in time, and it is both emotionally disturbing and satisfying. 


    In a bit of poetry news, Highland Park Poetry selected a poem of mine.  


    In comedy news: 




    Much love to CGG-M   💕

    Healthy birthday to Brenda W.   🎂



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    1. Melinda said...

      Yikes, thank God/dess you're ok. Glad you received some doggy love today. Indeed, I always say " dogs are good people ". I know what you mean about "purging. Interesting but emotionally challenging at times. But in the end, very rewarding.

    2. Thanks, Patricia. Melinda, it is wonderful to hear from you.

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