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  1. Hugs in Several Forms

    Friday, January 24, 2020

    I was glad to be part of the first Blacklight Comedy Show of 2020 hosted by Lois Thompson at the Brooklyn Moon.  Besides the hilarity, the host, the food, the drink, the good service, and the audience, my favorite part was the wonderful hugs.  I love real hugs (not the air kind or the pity kind) – the kind where you know there’s a heartbeat there.

    I was recently sick again – not with Legionnaires, but my lungs do seem 
    vulnerable to all sorts of stuff.  A friend was getting rid of a couch and looking to give it to a new owner.  It is a sectional and includes a chaise lounge.  It is higher quality furniture than the sofa I have or ever had.  So I excitedly said I’d want it.  However, she’s way out in Queens and I’m in the Bronx.  I asked my buddy who has a vehicle if he could make it happen.  Too big for his vehicle, too heavy to handle.  I was pouting about having to say no.  A free sectional couch of good quality from a very loving friend whose good vibes would come with it.  Ugh.  Then the woman with the couch decided to hire movers and treat me to the whole thing!  I have angels in my life.  Now the only obstacle was my crowded foyer which wouldn’t allow for big furniture to get in. I really didn’t want to miss out on such a generous offer due to my own shit.  So with the support of my buddy, I dug into an area that had been long neglected.  The dust was thick, and I didn’t wear a mask.  The next day I was sick.  But I had to keep going because I had only another day or two to clear the foyer.

    The great part is finding things I couldn’t find for quite a while, throwing 
    shit out, and feeling bigger than the mess.  Of course not everything got tossed.  Much still needs to be dealt with and is piled all over the rest of the apartment.  Lots of fun waiting for me. 

    I got the couch in the apartment, but two of the three sections are 
    standing on their side.  I still have to get more out of here in order to fully use and enjoy it.  Being sick didn’t help.  When I saw the doctor, she believed I had the flu.  I don’t think I did.  I think I had a lung infection.  She gave me meds for both, and I am feeling much improved, thank God/dess.  My buddy plans to help me make the livingroom livable for which I am grateful.  He’s got a lot on his plate right now.  As long as I have a place to sit, access to the computer and TV, and am not living with anyone’s hostility, I can wait.

    If you like to plan ahead, mark March 20th 8pm on your calendar for 
    another terrific comedy show on City Island.  We will welcome the spring with much laughter.


    Love to CGG-M ❤

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    1. Good for you Mindy! I hope you get the entire sectional set up soon.

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