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  1. Gratitude, etc.

    Saturday, October 12, 2019

    All of you who expressed your concern whether as a comment on the 
    blog page, my Facebook page, a phone call, or an email directly to me, THANK YOU!

    Two beautiful women sent me cards and cash.  So appreciated and needed 
    since I wasn’t able to be out there making money for quite a while.  My closest buddy lent me money and brought me tea, took me to the doctor’s more than once.  He is my unofficially adopted brother.

    I feel much better.  Wednesday was my last antibiotic.  The next day was 
    supposed to be my follow-up visit with the infectious diseases doctor but got rescheduled by them.  I think the doc was sick.  I was actually relieved because I wasn’t able to sleep the night before until 5am.  So I was on the verge of rescheduling.  Since they did it, I have no guilt about it.  I’m supposed to see her next Thursday.

    Currently I feel like the pneumonia is gone.  I am being cautious though 
    since so many people told me they thought they were ok and then got hospitalized.  I have other problems from lying around and sitting too many hours per day.  Circulation in my legs …

    The “Chinese Consulate” calls me often.  This is crazy.  I’ve never been to 
    China, I am not Chinese, and I never had anything to do with the Chinese Consulate. 

    This technological age seems to offer as many problems as benefits.

    During my feeling awful, I did the mature thing and canceled being in a 
    comedy show.  The producer was very understanding, and offered to reschedule me in his weekly show.  I think I’m ready to respond to that email.  I miss being out there.

    My cell phone service has been interrupted.  I’m hoping my internet, cable, and home phone doesn’t.  My financial situation sucks. 

    My last comedy show and three poetry readings were fantastic.  So I have lots of hope.  The host of my most recent reading told me this: 

    You did a great feature. I got positive feedback from folks there. Margo, the new WSAC board president, complimented you and your work emphatically. She said you presented the case for women’s rights and women’s situation in the society very clearly and very well; very down to earth. You were a big hit. 

    That made me feel very good.

    I’ll keep you all updated.

    Much love to CGG-M!  

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