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  1. It's Just a Matter of Days ...

    Tuesday, September 10, 2019

    This Friday, people!  Going to be a blast!  Make a day of it.  Visit City 
    Island, a small boating community in the Bronx, visit the many quaint shops, enjoy some seafood (if you like seafood), and then get over to the The Artist (formerly the Starving Artists Café) for a fantastic comedy show.  Just ten bucks admission, no minimum (though they do sell light fare, beverages, and yummy desserts), and a jar will be passed around for contributions for the performers.  We will earn every dollar.

    249 City Island Avenue.  If you are taking public transportation, you 
    ultimately have to get the BX29 Bus.  You can take the #6 train to Pelham Bay Park, and catch the bus there.  It’s worth the trip.

    Those of you who already told me you will be there, a big hug to you. 
    appreciate your support, and I guarantee mucho laughter.  

    big love to CGG-M

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    1. After some stress, it was a muthr fuckin' great show!

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