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  1. I hate the bitter cold.  I am so glad I didn’t let it stop me from getting to “Laffin’ Matterz” TV taping at MNN on Friday.  I enjoyed the show so much.  The line-up, producers, director, DJ, host, and audience made it a really nice evening.  I spent so much of the time laughing.  I was in a good head while doing my set.  I felt connected to the audience during my performance and supported by the other comics when I stepped off stage.  The natural high stayed with me, a nice and needed buzz.

    Several people who were in the show are not in these post-show photos.

    I needed to keep my hat on.  My tolerance for the cold has become less 
    and less.  The “Laffin’ Matterz” experience, however, was very warming.

    I saw Pudge Fernandez after a long time, I met several comics who I only had known by name -- Peaches Rodriguez being one -- and I received warm hugs.  That is a human contact that I treasure.  That chest to chest, heartbeat to heartbeat contact.  

    The next night, I dreamt of my son and I when he was about 4.  It was a 
    very affectionate scene and we were playing what we called “Mama Rough” which was a mellower version of playing rough with Papa.  “Mama Rough” had more kissing, tickling, and laughing involved.

    The next two Saturday nights, February 10th and February 17th, I will be 
    adding comedy to a wonderful live music show, “Days of Wild,” at the Starving Artist Café on City Island in the Bronx where people feel free to dance in the aisles.  No cover charge!  Enjoy menu items (and you are free to bring your own alcohol).

     Enjoy a sample!

      It's where you are free to be who you be.


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    1. Congratulations, Mindy, on all you do. I love your blog design. Can you suggest how to set up a basic blog? Also: who is the guy in your Laff Matterz show 2nd from right in top pic, with the vest and white beard - I thought I recognized him. Thanks !! K

    2. Kathryn, thank you for reading, commenting, and valuing what I do. Honestly, this blog was set up by another person. At that time, 7 women blogged here -- one each day. Then one was going on vacation, she asked me to fill in for two weeks. Then she asked me to take her slot as she didn't feel about blogging the way I did. I understood her reasons, and she understood my need. That was Joanne Filan, a hilarious comedian and good human being. She was someone I met early on in my comedy path. It mattered. The comedy road is very different than the other roads I'm on, and her goodness meant a lot. Joanne, if you are reading this, I am hugging you in my mind and heart.

      The man in the photo in the vest is John Colon.

      He is the DJ for Laffin' Matterz. He is really good and appreciated. He has added to my introduction with great stuff that he chose on his own. He puts the comic in a good place inside. Can't ask for more than that.

      I will write you an email about blog stuff.

    3. Unknown said...

      Congratulations Mindy. You are a positive force in the poetry and comedy worlds, and a talent in both. Keep on keepin' on.

    4. Unknown said...

      Congratulations Mindy. You're a positive force, and a talent in the comedy, and the poetry worlds. Keep on keepin' on.

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