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  1. The universe has presented me with a milder case of my childhood once again. As Oprah has said, until I learn what I need to learn, those opportunities will appear again and again.  My best friend refers to it like a vaccine – “…a milder form of the disease that hopefully makes you stronger.”

    There are some differences.  Important ones.  The people involved are not my family (though they like to throw that word around).  I have a voice and complete articulate thoughts.  Though not the majority, there are ears and hearts, of those who see things clearly, open to me.  I do attribute God/the universe/whatever higher power that exists with blessing me with certain people/angels just when things seem darkest and least hopeful. 

    Another difference is having experienced the freedom when I see things for what they truly are, not what I’d like to think they are or need them to be.  It frees up my energy to proceed as necessary.  And, of course, my anti-depressants help too.

    I’d like to think that as long as I’m still growing, I still have a place on the Earth.

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    1. 😂😂 hahaha..@ seeing things for what it is and seeing people for who they are as well as knowing who we are...and appreciating people in our lives, I myself am learning do this...I to realize that Some things are just simple test in life and passing them makes us stronger...Thanks Mindy,☺

    2. Lol, so much reality, to be honest, shit really happens and the most annoying thing is that it continues. You have shared the great blog of this.

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