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  1. What's going to happen to us?

    Tuesday, November 1, 2016


              Last week, I was one of two featured readers at a poetry reading in Brooklyn.  My co-feature was David Elsasser.  It was warmly hosted by Evie Ivy at the Green Pavilion on 18th Avenue where the prices are right.  It was a long haul from the Bronx and very worth it.  I had a blast.  However, the reason I bring it up is this:  A woman who contributed to the open mic shared something before her poetry.  She said that on an escalator (she named the building, but I don’t recall it) many years ago, she too was groped by Donald Trump.  When she turned around startled, he told her that she should feel good because he doesn’t usually grope women like her.  She asked, “Do I still have a job?”

            I admit, at first, I didn’t know if this woman was for real or not.  But when she described his response, I thought, yeah, that sounds like him.  She wasn’t tall and glamorous or blonde.  So in his mind, he flattered her.

           Then a few days later, the FBI is again investigating Hillary. 

           What’s going to happen to us?

           Can Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and Michelle Obama and Joe Biden please step in?   

           On a positive note, the first part of episode 3 of Comics Watching Comics appears tomorrow!  I have no idea what part of episode 3 I will be shown in, so I'll be watching them all.

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