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  1. It's Trump's Business by Rhonda Hansome

    Thursday, August 25, 2016

    I'm good at comedy!
    At business, not so good!

    Since my return to comedy, minus management, I've been in pursuit of stage time. 5 years later I can say, with absolute confidence, that my texts, calls, emails and obsessive social media networking resulted in nationwide indifference from bookers. 

    I’m an actress/comedian. This business demands I bribe, harass and hoodwink friends into being audience where I “showcase” myself for little or no pay. What could be better? 

    So many ways to be humiliated, so little time.

    I'm good at comedy!

    Donald Trump 
    is good at business.

    4 bankruptcies? 
    No problem! 

    Politi Facts (Sep. 21,15) quotes The Donald, "I used the law four times and made a tremendous thing. I'm in business. I did a very good job.*

    Personally, I don't know how to use bankruptcy laws or anything else to make "a tremendous thing" like GOP nominee Donald Trump.

    This The Daily Caller (Aug 23, 16) quote is a great example of Trump's business acumen.

    The Trump campaign’s rent at Trump Tower in New York City had been the same throughout the Republican primary. Since starting his campaign last summer, and ending in March, Trump paid 
    a month for his campaign headquarters. Trump raised his rent in May to $72,800, and in June, the rent increased to $110,684. The month of the Republican National Convention when Trump officially became the nominee, he charged himself 
    in rent for the same space, according to a report by S.V. Date of the Huffington Post published Tuesday.

    I'm no accountant, but I know that's a MONTHLY net gain of a whole bunch of money. 

    Donald knows his business. He's using all of his products in his campaign supported by the RNC. Yes his books, water, Trump Cafe, Trump Grill, Trump air craft. 

    (3/1/16) The Daily Beast reported: 

    The name that seems to come up most often on the list of businesses the Trump campaign pays is -Trump. Between June16, when he announced his candidacy through the end of 2015, his campaign spent $2.2 million patronizing Trump businesses. The majority-$2 million was spent on Tag Air Inc., where Trump is CEO.

    Trump leaves independent contractors and vendors short changed or unpaid. He secures his management and licensing fees off the top of projects and never looks back. 

    He 's accomplished at promising big charitable donations. 
    IF his pledge is actually met, it's frequently with other people's money; and Trump gets the tax benefit.

    Speaking of taxes, still not released, (May 13, 16) NY Times reported that when Trump was asked specifics on his tax rate he replied, "none of your business."

    "Ain't nobody's business if I do."
    That may be true, but he has no business in the 
    White House

    I'm on twitter, tumblr, facebook & a comedy stage near you -
    if you call the venue and tell them to book me, Now!

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    2. I can't get over that he is permitted to continue without following the rules of showing his tax returns. I also hope very much that people can see that most of his attacks on his opponent are projections of things true of him. I have enough experience with narcissists to smell it a distance away.

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