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  1. You Gotta Love It By Rhonda Hansome

    Thursday, June 4, 2015

    He's tired.

    He misses his wife.

    His legs betray him at a moment's notice.

    His favorite foods have long left the building.

    I love my Uncle Reggie.

    I am so grateful he invited me to visit with him and his family in North Carolina to celebrate his 88 years.

    I spent the weekend with family.

    In this picture are three generations, my son Seth, me and my Uncle Reggie.
    I was so happy!

    My father's brother Reggie, does not hesitate to let you know he longs to be at rest with his beloved wife Frances. I allow his words to hit my ears and not protest his desire to go to sleep and awake in the heavenly embrace of his departed wife.

    After traveling from his home in Virginia, his stamina would not allow a long visit, so we all (blood, extended family and loved ones) made the most of Uncle Reggie's time in the beautiful Eagle's Perch which, my cousin Darryl (Reggie's son) arranged for our reunion.

    I spent the weekend in this 3 floor mountain retreat enjoying an abundance of hugs and food.

    My cousin Reggie Jr.,with me here

    wasted no time in alerting me to the fact that among the more than 20 people gathered,
      I was the matriarch in the building!

    I was proud of how I took the startling news in stride. I guess these past several years of walking into comedy clubs to do a set and being the oldest person in the room, prepared me for what I'm coming to see is a gift... maturity and experience.

    My cousin Darryl with me here

    outdid himself in pulling food, lodging and logistics all together. His sister, my cousin Janel, does the loving job of caring for Uncle Reggie and her son. It was a time to be remembered.

    Believe it or not on my US Air flight down south I traveled sitting right next to and in pleasant conversation with a fabulous woman who, wait for it... lives in my new neighborhood!
    We might work out together tomorrow.

    Life, you gotta love it.

    See you soon enjoying the laughter!


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    1. loislane911 said...

      #NotYourGrandmasComic, INDEED!!! Beautiful Post!

    2. You met your Bronx neighbor on the plane. I'm glad for that. The pictures are wonderful.

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